Sunday, January 7, 2018

Snow Cat

Good Chilly Morning to You All, was 1 degree this morning.  Of course, they had forecast -1, so I suppose +1 is better, but it is hard to tell for sure.  For once, Tyg didn't go out right away...he waited until it warmed up to 2 or 3 degrees, and then he stayed out for quite awhile.  I looked out the kitchen window at one point and saw him in the yard.  Here he is underneath the birdfeeder handing on our clothesline...hoping for a taste of cardinal or sparrow (he was unsuccessful):

And here he is walking down the path that Fletch had shoveled to get out to the feeder to fill it:

He tends to hunker down by the back door on the patio.  In the morning the sun shines in that spot, so he can gather some warmth while waiting for a near-flying bird.  He is back in now and curled up somewhere.

Yesterday morning I did venture out and met up with Dee for coffee and knitting.  My beverage of choice was cardamon black pepper coffee - so good!!  After awhile we ventured across the street to a favorite restaurant - Stove & Tap for lunch.  It was still pretty windy - enough to sting your face - but, it felt so good to get out and the sun was shining brightly.  Thanks Dee for meeting up.  Hope to do it again soon.

I got a good start on Colin's socks and managed to do some rows in between yacking yesterday, and a few more when I got home.  Then I discovered a HOLE.  This has happened every single time I have started socks for Colin.  So, I had to tink back about 5 rows.  Grrrrr.  But it's done and now I'm back on track.  The cuff is complete and I've done 5 rows of plain knitting.  Today I hope to come up with a pattern to make a couple of cables on his socks.  Wish me luck!!

But, before I can do that I need to pay bills (which I successfully avoided last Thursday), set up my spreadsheets for 2018 tracking expenses and we do have to venture out to the grocery store.  We used the last of our eggs for breakfast and aside from lettuce and radishes, we are out of fresh veggies.  Oh well, at least it is another sunny day.

The forecast is for a warm-up starting tomorrow...but the forecast also includes a mix of snow and ice for tomorrow night.  If that happens, I will be missing yoga again.  However, the warming trend is to continue and at this point we are planning on Fletch grilling Thursday when Colin comes over for dinner.

Hope you all are enjoying a delightfully cozy and lazy weekend with plenty of knitting.


  1. We haven't gone out in this cold since the bomb cyclone, except to shovel. Brrrr! Just too cold! I guess Tyg doesn't feel it enough to stop him from wanting to hunt. Sorry about the hole issue -- have you figured out why it happens?

  2. You know I'm up for a meetup any time you have the time! I love that we live close enough to get together. You KNOW that's a requirement for any house we buy. Must.Be.Close.To.VERA! :-)

    I liked that little Scent and Sip shop too.

    Hope it warms up so Tyg can enjoy his time outside even MORE!

    Good luck with Colin's socks.

  3. I don't mind cold temps too much as long as the sun is shining. Dreary days and cold temps are depressing.

    Glad you and Dee had the opportunity to meet for coffee and conversation.

  4. Cardamom & Black Pepper coffee sounds incredibly delicious. I think that would have been my choice too.

  5. Everytime you get together with Dee Im thrilled for you both. So glad your Colin comes to dinner weekly. Even the salmon was cooked on the stove yesterday. I couldnt send fireman out to the grill!! I dont like it andusually ask him to grill fish outside, but I just couldn't! Happy knitting. Im getting along well post tooth and with the new shawl knit!

  6. Oh, to hear the thinking of a cat like Tyg!!!
    Glad you had a great day with Dee!

  7. Sounds like it was a good day yesterday, I'm so glad!

    Tyg is very adventurous - I guess you can be when you know a warm house is right there. ;-)

    I haven't been knitting much since I have a really sore elbow, and my one thumb has a cut on the top of it. Grrrrrr!!!!!

  8. I can't believe Tyg wants to venture out in cold and snow, but I'm glad you and Dee got to, and that Colin's sock is back on track. I'm not looking forward to the wintry mix tomorrow, but we are going to be happy, happy, happy when it warms up at the end of the week!

  9. yay for knitting with friends :) What's up with the holes? I get together wish friends two times a month, I love our time together.

  10. Glad you and Dee made it for a meet-up despite the cold. Here it's just chilly and wet. Your kitty needs snow boots!

  11. Brrrr.....kitties in the snow. I am over this weather and I know my kitties are too. It better rain tomorrow. If it's ice I am going to lose my mind.

  12. I just put on another pot of coffee ... and wish it had cardamom and black pepper in it - that sounds delicious! thankfully it's a little warmer here because it's wet, not ice or snow - hope you get warmer weather soon!