Monday, January 22, 2018


Well hello there,

It feels like Spring out there!  Yep - 42 degrees this morning (and, believe it or not, my neighbor was still warming his car up for 10 minutes - yes, 10, before leaving for work this morning).  The entire weekend was much milder and our snow is gone.  Tyg has been out more than in, and when he does come in his paws are muddy.

So let's get to the good stuff.  If you read Dee's Blog (and if you don't, you really should), you already know that she and I met up on Saturday at a lovely shop in Kimberton, PA (Purls of Wisdom).  What a wonderful collection/assortment of things they have - something to tempt everyone.  You can see what Dee got on her blog.  This is what I picked up:

On the left we have Madeline Tosh Twist Light.  The colorway is Plaid Blanket.  It reminds me of a forest - lots of greens, browns, a little red.  Bought with the thought of making Fletch some socks.  He was not as excited about the yarn as I was - LOL.  Turns out he was hoping for a different color - something more burgundy-ish (which I may be able to find buried in the stash somewhere...or I'll just need to buy some more).

The skein in the middle is Yarn Rehab Rockshelter Sock and the color is Trapezoid.  Like Dee, I love the tag line on the label:  Rehabilitation for the Yarn Bereft.  Who could resist that?  This may become socks...or a shawl...or a couple pair of fingerless gloves.  A mystery for now.

The last skein on the right is Malabrigo and the color is Tiziano Red.  This last skein was extremely reasonable - only around $10 and it has over 400 years!  I think this will become February socks for moi.

I also picked up a new tiny pouch for stitch markers:

I have a larger pouch that I was using for stitch markers, cable needles, regular needles, scissors, point protectors, etc.  But I was finding it difficult to pull out a stitch marker without a ton of other stuff coming along for the ride.  This little bag is perfect to corral those markers.

After leaving the shop we drove down a bit further to the Whole Foods in Kimberton...took a very short walk to a lake where there were some very silly geese walking on the ice (they kept slipping and sliding) and then settled in at the Whole Foods café for some coffee, food, knitting and chatting.

Meeting up with Dee was exactly the therapy I needed after last week at work.  I am so thankful she and Steve moved up from Florida!  While we chatted, I worked on a fingerless glove (the first of a pair) that will go into the bag of gifts for next Christmas:

I forget the name of the yarn (and color) that I used for the cuff, but it is the same yarn that I made my fingerless mitts from.  The variegated skein is from KnitPicks and the color is Koi Pond.

And that's not all I knit this weekend!  I finished up Colin's first sock and started the second in the opposite colorway:

I'm really enjoying these.  reversing the colors is fun and the cables on the leg keep the knitting interesting.

Yesterday I cooked, starting with peanut butter waffles for breakfast:

These turned out much lighter than I expected with the peanut butter and were really tasty.  I will definitely make them again.  Later in the day it smelled like Thanksgiving.  I cooked a turkey breast, made stuffing, cranberry relish and green beans, and gravy from the drippings.  Yum!  I missed having turkey leftovers at Thanksgiving since we ate at Colin & Mailings.  Now we have plenty of meat for sandwiches, another dinner, whatever.

Looking forward to finally getting back to yoga tonight (I haven't been since before Thanksgiving!).  My teacher has been sick for several weeks and classes were not held on the holidays.  It will be good to stretch out this body again.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!


  1. Oh, those dishes are very, very pretty!

  2. I didn't get a good look at the stitch marker pouch when you bought it. SOOOOO cute.

    Once again, I had a wonderful time and I'm glad we moved up here too!!!! (Who knows --- maybe we'll be "neighbors" one of these days. LOL

  3. I would love to cook a turkey breast just because, but Dave's not find of turkey and it would be way tooo much for me!

    You got some lovely yarn! I keep my stitch markers in a little mint tin - perfect for holding the little things!

  4. Wow, $10 for Malabrigo - a fabulous bargain! It's a delight to knit. Colin's going to have fun wearing his socks.

  5. what a nice weekend - of course the weather made it great here, too! (except now it's chilly and rainy and reminding us all that it is still January). love the new yarn (I used that Madtosh base for the pocket linings on Bodie - very nice to knit with) and the finished sock. here's to a great week!!

  6. I love that little stitch marker bag! What a clever size. So glad you had such a delightful weekend. It's always such a treat to be with knitting friends! (Still chuckling over the "yarn bereft!" As if . . . )

  7. I love everything about this post! Knitting friends, knitting shops, knitting goodies-plus funny geese and waffles! Yum.

  8. I've always loved that Plaid Blanket colorway and will look forward to seeing what you make with it. How could Fletch not be thrilled with that lovely yarn? :-) And that stitch marker pouch and delicious food also look wonderful. Hope your week ahead is as full of good things as your weekend!

  9. The trapezoid immediately caught my eye. Oh my . I Love the cuffs, heels match on the socks. YOu have me hungry! Peanut butter waffles? What? I wonder if PB2 would work in that recipe? Mmmmm. Turkey with the trimmmings, you are killing me here. YUM

  10. Sounds like you and I have the same neighbor. Is his car extremely loud too, like my neighbor? I swear, he runs his car in his driveway for hours at a time. And when he finally turns it off or drives away (which often doesn't happen), I feel like I've gone deaf in that hearing range! Grrrr!!! Anyway, glad you had a good time with your friend and picked up some pretty yarn! Love your sock knitting too!

  11. Yummy skeins of yarn-so glad you enjoyed the outing!
    The socks are really cool-it will be fun to wear, too!

  12. I'm coming to your house for a meal :) Love the yarn and the zipper pouch you bought!! too cute :)