Friday, January 5, 2018

Cold Friday

Hello All,

It is SO cold out there!  No more snow, but the wind is just relentless...still...9 degrees outside with a -10 wind chill.  The good news is that my office is on a 2 hour delay today - woo hoo! 

Yesterday was a wonderful stay-at-home day.  I managed to get some laundry done, some reading and some knitting (finally cast on and started Colin's socks!!).  I made a huge pot of corn chowder for lunch which was delicious.  My Mom used to make that a lot on snowy days.  Of course, she always baked bread on those days as well.  I did not do that.

Today's work delay has given me the luxury of (finally) finishing up my fingerless mitts:

I used a Leslie Friend pattern and changed it up just a little.  The yarn is Miss Babs Yummy 2 Ply and the color is Dark Orion.  I love them.  This close up will give a little better idea of the color:

It is sort of a dark steely blue.  Love!!

Tyg spent a lot of time outdoors yesterday - he loves the colder weather and show does not bother him at all.  He goes out on the patio and *hides* waiting for birds to fly close by.  Luckily he was unsuccessful in catching any of them (Fletch did find a mouse on the driveway that Tyg had gotten).  But, after so much time outside yesterday he was pretty tired last night.

And he has not yet gone out this morning (which is unusual).  Instead he perched with his back end on the table and stretched out over a chair staring out onto the patio:

He is curled up now with paws and tail covering his nose.

More bitter cold is forecast...low of 6 tonight and a low of -1 for Saturday night.  I'm hoping for plenty of sun tomorrow when I venture out to meet up with Dee for some coffee and knitting and lunch!

Now I need to have a bit more coffee and then get dressed and ready to go out.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow - you got a lot done on your snow day! (but was there a nap?!) Sending wishes for sunshine - I hate it when weather interrupts fun plans for the weekend.

  2. love that you had a snow day and the mitts are beautiful, I love the gusset :) :)

  3. The unexpected days off can be a treasure. It sounds like you made the most the snowy day.

  4. I haven't had corn chowder for ages. My Papa, who was from Nova Scotia, called his version poor man's soup - his recipe was onions, potatoes, a can of peas and a can of creamed corn with milk thinned with water. He'd make a pot that would last for days!

  5. I've just stirred up some bread dough myself and put soap in the crock pot. Something about this cold makes me want to cook-and eat. Oh, and I made a cake. That's bad. Stay warm!

  6. Mmmm, the corn chowder sounds delicious!
    The new mitts are superb-I love the color, too.
    The sun is shining and is trying to lure us outside but it is still biting cold but no wind today so maybe later we will venture out to let the boys run, run, run!

  7. Wonderful mitts and you finished them at the perfect time to keep your hands warm! Wishing you sunshine, some warmth, and good weather for meeting up with Dee!

  8. OMG ...that picture of Tyg yarning is precious.

    Gioux is meatloaf-ed on top of the sofa. I told Steve my face actually HURT walking back to the car after the gym this morning. YIKES it was cold, but .........still better than Florida! LOL

  9. I Love Tygs stripings! Awww , Tyg worked hard. My cats could probably catch a lot of birds if they were outdoor. All of them come running for Da Bird toy
    Enjoy your weekend. HAve fun AGAIN with Dee

  10. Tyg is such a pretty cat! We have to keep our cats inside here as vicious critters are out there in the woods: coyotes, raccoons, and now and then even bears. That corn chowder sounds yummy; would you consider sharing the recipe? Hope it warms up and that you and Dee can meet together. One of the best parts of our trips to FLA was our meet-ups with her and Steve! Stay warm!

  11. Love the mitts and the way the thumb is so streamlined-looking. Is the pattern on Ravelry?

    Tyg is making *me* yawn.

  12. Nice mitts! Good job on the repair of the sock too! I can't wait for the warmup they are predicting. Just can't wait. Too cold! Brrrrr!

  13. Those mitts are gorgeous. Even an outdoors adventurer needs a bit of a break every now and again.