Friday, January 19, 2018

TGIF Miscellany

Hi All,

TGIF!!!!  And, we are having a hot breakfast at work (delicious!!) and pizza for lunch.  Those who are into sports have their Eagles gear on...I'm just here in a shirt and shawl and hand-knit socks.  Thinking/hoping today will be a good one and thinking/hoping I'll be able to Get Out Of Dodge a bit on the early side today...fingers crossed.

A bunch of random things:

Colin did make it over for dinner last night (home-made soup and he made the most delicious garlic bread to go with it - yum!).  The foot length on the sock is Perfect for him.  Toe decreases can commence.  I didn't get to that last night because we watched a movie (Get Shorty) instead.  I do plan to finish that first sock and get the second one started this weekend.

I thought I would show Colin the Arts & culture app...but he had already done it.  He made weird faces and got some very silly results (including a pouty child).

While the soup was heating on the stove, I looked out into the backyard and saw this:

There were a few more around as well.  These guys didn't even budge from dining when I stepped onto the patio.  I finally walked a bit further out because those two in the background are munching on a little evergreen tree that I love.  They all finally ran off, white tails in the air. 

The book "A Stash of One's Own" will turn into a traveling book thanks to Kathy B's suggestion.  Bridget - I will get it out to you...then Kathy B is next up.  Y'all can follow the books progress and put your names in for the rotation.

I've been known to frequently buy wine just for the label.  Sometimes I'm disappointed, but more often that not I'm pleasantly surprised.  Last night's choice:
Love the name and love the label.  Also cheap - as in $10/bottle.  Not bad either.  Not what I would call a "fine" pinot noir, but drinkable.

A pleasant surprise last night when Fletch told me that a back-ordered Christmas gift had come in for me.
I LOVE sloths!  LOL.  This bag is great - BIG and the handles are sturdy for a canvas bag.  It's large enough that a sweater project would fit in it...or two smaller projects.  Tyg likes the bag too!

The weekend is shaping up to be wonderful!  Milder temperatures (as in approaching or surpassing 50!!).  And, I'm meeting up with Dee tomorrow for some needed therapy (friends, coffee and YARN).  We are meeting up at Purls of Wisdom in Kimberton.  So, so, so looking forward to this.

Here's hoping that you all have wonderful weekends!


  1. You've got lots of good stuff ahead, and your Friday doesn't sound too bad either! I pretty much pick wine by the label, too, and that's a good one, along with unexpected sloth gifts. Hope your weekend is great!

  2. "I'm just here in a shirt and shawl and hand-knit socks."

    My. Casual Friday for sure. ;-)

  3. Like Nance, I got a giggle when I read what you are wearing today. 😉

    The traveling book idea is a good one. It will be fun to follow its travels.

  4. I love the Sloth bag and Pearls of Wisdom in Kimberton will be such fun for you both. Enjoy!

  5. Looks like Tyg is all ready to go shopping with his new tote bag.

    See you tomorrow!

  6. Thank you I'll look forward to getting the book when it is my turn. Sloth bag..a.dorable. I too buy wine for the labels!

  7. have a fantastic weekend, and I buy all the wines just for the label :)

  8. That wine is just too funny!!!!!

  9. What a GREAT wine label! (I'm often drawn to various wines by their labels -- or their names.) Have a great weekend! :-)

  10. That wine label -- perfect! Hope you have a great time this weekend!

  11. Wow, they served breakfast at your work?! Have a great weekend and enjoy your time with Dee. Give her a hug from me, please.

  12. Great stuff!! I've never seen that brand of wine but will look for it now!!

  13. The sloth project back is too cute! The traveling book will be fun!

  14. oops, how did I miss this Friday?! I LOVE that wine label (let's be honest, 90+% of the wine I buy is because of the label) and the new bag. now to read your Monday post to find out about the rest of your weekend ;-)