Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Unraveled Wednesday...or...Oy Vey!

Well, Good Afternoon,

I so enjoyed having so much time off during the holidays, but coming back to work has been a madhouse!  Crazy/busy...tons of changes at work (systems, procedures) and we all know how DIFFICULT change is.  Yesterday I worked over 9 hours straight - no breaks.  Today I hope to get out by 4 (I was in at 7:30 and worked through lunch (again).  BUT, I don't want to complain.  I know I am fortunate to have a job and one that I (mostly) enjoy.

The hard news that I came back to was that the CEO of our company, his two sons, his fiancée and her daughter were all killed in a plane crash New Year's Eve.  So terribly sad.  This is not the CEO of my company here in the States, but the overall CEO of the entire company based in Europe.

Anyway, on to the knitting which did unravel, but not by my doing.  Here is a picture of one of the heels of the pair of socks I gifted Mailing at Christmas:

A bit out of focus which is ok because it is horrible!  Not sure how or when this happened.  They looked fine when I wrapped them, but I had thrown them in a tote bag with other gifts.  I'm thinking that something must have snagged on them and broken a strand of yarn.  Darning/repairing is NOT one of my fortes, but I will try tonight to repair this.  Colin says she wants the socks with or without the hole, but we can't have that!

My second fingerless mitt is where it stood the other night.  Almost finished, but I simply couldn't do any knitting last night...way too tired.  Maybe tonight I can repair the sock AND finish the mitt...not positive that will happen though.

I did manage to finish my first book of 2018 last night.  I found The Other Einstein to be an enjoyable read.  There are a few physicists in my family...I only hope they are nicer/more respectful than Einstein apparently was.

There are some more books on my Kindle from Overdrive, but I think they will disappear in a day or so.  I may just stick with the books I got over the holidays and others that I already have on my Kindle.  Will let you know what's up next once I start.

Meanwhile, I still have a ton to do before I can get out of here today.  Luckily dinner is leftover crab quiche from New Year's Eve, so that will be quick and simple. 


  1. I saw the Costa Rica crash news, did not know about the other of your CEO. Can't imagine the panic knowing you are going down.

    Maybe one of the kitties got to the sock?

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your CEO.

    As for knitting time ... maybe you will get a snow day tomorrow.

  3. oh Vera, so sorry to read about the plane crash. and good luck fixing Mailing's sock. I'd be really tempted to knit another pair - that looks like a tough hole to darn!

  4. That's so unfortunate about the CEO and his family.

    I've never darned a sock... so I wish you luck!

  5. So hard to have the loss of a whole family in your company!
    The knit isn't fun to repair but you can do it!

  6. The plane crash is very sad news, and while it's in a very different way, the holey sock is sad also. Here's to less busy days so you have the energy to knit in the evening, and a fix for that lovely sock.

  7. Dealing with one death is difficult enough, I can't imagine the intense grief of losing an entire family.

    Yikes, the sock hole is a mystery. I wonder if one of the cats got to it. Good luck with the repair job. I'd be tempted to frog up to that point and reknit.

  8. I do hope the pace at work slows down soon. And that’s hole! How frustrating.

  9. Oh, that hole. How strange. It's a good thing knit material is pretty forgiving when it comes to things like that. I am always fixing boo boos.

  10. Oh man, that is such awful news. Especially right at the start of things. God bless them all.

    I swear, holes in socks show up with no real reason. Hopefully you can get it fixed with a minimum of frustration and effort.

  11. So sorry to hear about your CEO and his family---such a tragedy. Try not to work too hard...lucky that you can repair the sock...

  12. That is just so sad. A family living just south of me died over the holidays in a plane crash as well. A husband, wife and their two kids. The adults were doctors and the kids had just begun high school and college, so sad. Okay onto better things to think about in 2018!