Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Unraveled Wednesday 01-31-18

Hello All,

Welcome to the end of January!  Yikes!  Time is flying by.  I am dragging a bit this morning - stayed up later than normal and feeling just a tad on the sleep deprived side of things.  But, it is mid-week and we have snacks at work today (Philly Pretzels and Cupcakes which I'm sure will be decorated in green & white for the Eagles).  As soon as I can get some carbs in this body I'll perk up a bit.

I was finally able to complete my on-line training and I can now appreciate differences - LOL.  So, at least that's off my plate.  I have two more training courses that are mandatory (wage and hour training and something else), but those are not due till December I will take a bit of a break.

First up:  Reading.  I finished Sing, Unburied, Sing last night just before dinner.  Wow!  Five Stars.  What a powerful, well-written novel.  Very moving and at times (for me) difficult to read.  I highly recommend this to everyone.  Yesterday I finally got notice on Overdrive that I could download Glass Houses - the latest from Louise Penny.  So anxious to return to Three Pines, but I have a couple others on my Kindle that will expire before Glass Houses, including The Woman Who Smashed Codes which is highly rated - I will be starting that today/tonight.  On my nightstand I still have a few books from Christmas as well as Eleanor Oliphant (thanks Dee!).  Plenty to keep me occupied.

Next up:  Knitting.  Colin's socks are finished (including weaving in ALL the ends)!

Opposites they are.  I texted Colin the above picture and he loves them.  He will be over Thursday for dinner and I will get a shot of him modeling them.  These were so fun to knit.  I love the cables and I loved switching yarn.  The green (Sabertooth Caterpillar) is slightly thinner than the grey variegated (Constellation), so the sock with the green leg is a little thinner and a tad shorter, but I think once they are on it won't make a difference and...anyway...they'll be under pants - lol.

Next up:  I plan to finish the fingerless mitts I started the other week.  These will go quickly.  And, I want to knit myself socks in February in RED - specifically the Malabrigo I picked up the other weekend when out with Dee.  But what pattern?

Years ago...before I had even knit my first pair of socks, my friend Carol gave me a book:  Knitting on the Road which has 18 beautiful sock patterns in it.  Many of them have interesting stitches in them (horizontal braids, cross-overs that are not cables, etc.).  This morning over coffee I spent more time than I should have thumbing through this book.  So many things I want to try!  My plan is to pull out my notebook with graph paper and put together something to knit incorporating some of these (new to me) stitches.  Should be fun!

Also, I am so very, very tempted by the Bang Out a Carbeth KAL that Mason Dixon is hosting.  I LOVE that sweater...and it's bulky yarn and it wouldn't take forever, right?  Something to ponder.  Meanwhile, time to get cracking and get to work.  Soon it will be the downside of the work week!


  1. Good luck with Tyg relinquishing control over those socks!

  2. Oh I love when your son comes for dinner. It gives me hope that it may happen here one day! Im so happy for you. And are you dipping the pretzels in white chocolate and sprinkles. ?? How exciting for you and Dee! Im rooting for you.

  3. There's a pattern for mitts that use the horizontal braid in the Ravelry group Fingerless Gloves Fanatics. Lots of practice using that stitch as well as adding beads. Love those socks and I'll bet your son will too. Have a good Wednesday!

  4. I LOVE Carbeth... but I also know that we're I to make it... I'd be kniting it in lighter yarn ( I can't wear chunky), and turning it into a cardigan!

  5. I love the socks, and I'm glad Colin likes them!

    I also think it is a very good photo of your Most Distinguished Snooper-visor. :-)

  6. love your book recommendations and hurray for passing your online stuff! phew.

  7. ❤️ the fabulous photo of the socks and Tyg! My goodness, he's actually posing for you.

    I tried two Louise Penny books and just couldn't get into them. Maybe I should try another title.

  8. Colin's socks look GREAT!!!! (Hi, Tyg!)

    That red will be PERFECT for February knitting.

  9. Nice work on the socks -- although Tyg looks like HE may be the one responsible for their glory! :-)

  10. Congrats on passing/completing the course, the socks and have fun with the new KAL...look forward to seeing your fun...

  11. YAY for all those finishes! (and now YAY for it being Thursday and one day closer to the weekend)

  12. I'm thinking about banging out a Carbeth too! lol! I don't know though. So much stockinette. I get bored! The socks look great!

  13. The socks are just a riot! It will be fun to see them modeled!
    Enjoy the KAL!