Thursday, February 1, 2018

Thursday Offerings 02-01-18

Good Morning!

February came in this morning with an absolutely gorgeous sky - all rosy pink and purple.  Now?  Just grey and cloudy.  At least my drive in to the office was beautiful.

It's been proven once again that I don't remember what I have done.  The other week my copy of By Hand Serial's 5th Lookbook arrived in my mailbox.  Gorgeous.  Yummy patterns.  Enticing places to visit.  This week a 2nd copy arrived in my mailbox.  I got in touch with them and it turns out I ordered it twice.  Yup...I have no idea why except I must have forgotten the first order.

So, who wants my extra copy?  If more than one person responds, I'll do the random number thing.

I didn't work on designing my sock pattern last night, instead I just knit a few rows on the fingerless mitts.  Five rows of ribbing left and the first one will be finished. 

Remember the socks I was knitting with the pretty, tweedy Scottish wool?  And then the yarn misbehaved and kept breaking?

Sunday night while watching Victoria, I wound the remaining 3 skeins.  All of them broke in multiple places.  I'm throwing it all in the trash, including the sock that got down to the mid-foot point.  Life is too short to knit with crappy yarn.  I'm sorry though, because the yarn is so pretty.

Lunchtime yesterday found me (munching on a pretzel and) starting The Woman who Smashed Codes and I'm finding it very interesting.  I predict it will be a quick read!

That's it!  Almost TGIF time (oh, and hot dogs and chili for lunch today).  Our entire office is decorated with Eagles stuff - balloons, posters, stickers, etc.  A bit much for this non-sports fan - LOL.  Enjoy your day!


  1. Sunrise this morning was equally gorgeous in Va!! I've heard very good things about "By Hand". I am especially interested in this particular issue since I spend a lot of time visiting friends in MI-- it would be lots of fun to visit the places it talks about. I'd love to take your extra copy off your hands if there are no other takers or go in the random number drawing. (Am happy to pay you for it as well if you like) Always enjoy reading your blog even tho I rarely comment.

  2. GO PHILLY Eagles!!!!
    Im sorry about your yarn. That is the WORST.
    Im in for the book drawing!! Thanks

  3. Sounds like you have a pretty drive to work. I would love to take a look at the book please enter me in for the drawing.

  4. I have that book on my list. It’d be fun to win it! Thanks for the opportunity.

  5. Life IS too short to knit with crappy yarn! I would have trashed it too!

  6. Ugh. Too bad about the yarn. But I totally agree with you -- life is just too short to deal with crappy yarn! XO

  7. There's a good chance that yarn wouldn't have held up very well. It was probably a VERY good idea to trash it.

    You can enter me in the drawing too. Looks interesting.

  8. I order stuff and forget about it all the time especially DVD's. I think I have two copies of almost every Christmas movie made.

  9. that yarn sounds simply awful. You cannot knit with breaking yarn - I think that is a knitting rule.

  10. I'd love it but completely understand if it has been allocated to someone else. I do that all the time, but usually buying things not ordering them. Love Colin's socks.

  11. It's a shame about the yarn but I have done the same thing-toss it!
    The book looks yummy! I could use a week on a deserted island!