Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Unraveled Wednesday 02-21-18

Good Morning!

Another grey, damp morning here in Eastern PA.  But warm!  It was 64 on my patio at 5:45 this morning - supposed to go up to 75 today.  The balance of the week, and into the weekend, looks rainy, so I'm glad Colin decided to come over tonight for dinner rather than tomorrow.  I see another fire in the pit for us tonight!

Thank you all for your comments on my mitt debacle!  As some of you mentioned - thank God it wasn't a mess on Sigla!  That would've done me in for sure.  Since I have no experience in picking up dropped stitches (which doesn't mean that I've never dropped any...I've just never picked them up), I watched a couple of on-line videos on how to go about that.  Pretty cool and not all that difficult at all!  So I spent some time at lunch yesterday fooling around with it.  Luckily I had a tiny crochet hook in my bag of supplies and was able to do a pretty decent job of picking up the stitch.  BUT...there were other problems - some twisted stitches and some extra stitches.  I must have been somewhere else when I last knit on this.

Taking Bonny's advice, I put in a lifeline below where the dropped stitch had been and then pulled out all the needles.  It unraveled pretty nicely and I think I was able to pick up the stitches.  When I finally got them on the needles I had to put it away and do some work.  Last night I didn't feel like dealing with it, so instead I picked up the stitches for Sleeve #2 on Sigla (they are kind of like Thing 1 and Thing 2 - lol) and managed to knit about 12 rows.

So, overall, progress has been made and that makes me happy.

On the reading front, I am STILL reading The Woman Who Smashed Codes.  This is such a good book, but I just haven't been reading much (focusing on Sigla instead).  Last night I did read for about half an hour before crawling under the covers and turning out the light, and I did bring it to work today in case I don't want to deal with the Mitt.

I successfully completed my on-line training - "Preventing Workplace Harassment" which was hysterical!  The pictures of people engaged in harassment had me laughing out loud.  I do know this is a serious problem in some places, but at the same time it really was funny.

And that brings us to mid-week (work-wise) and today is pretzel day!  Philly pretzels with spicy mustard - yum!

What's up with you?


  1. Yeah, sometimes you just have to rip; it's good you tried to pick up the dropped stitches first-a good technique to learn! I've used it a lot through my 50+ knitting years! lol
    (I discovered last night that I forgot to add a buttonhole to the band 10 rows back-I gently folded it up to wait for the light of day and a fresh brain wave!!!!)

  2. Fun times today .............we are going to a mortgage company to get prequalified. Doesn't that sound like FUN????? LOL

    On the other hand, it's one step closer to home ownership. Now we just need to find a HOUSE!

    Glad you were able to fix your mitt.

  3. I'm glad you could fix your mitts. Picking up stitches has worked well for me, but only when I've noticed it just two or three rows down. This unseasonable warmth is a bit weird, but I'm going to open the windows, hang out some laundry, and enjoy it while it lasts. Have a good evening with Colin!

  4. Love the Lifeline tip. It has saved me time more than once (since I never learn and continue to knit bigass projects that I swear suck the life out of me).

    We are locked into rain for several more days, but I am not complaining. One does not have to shovel rain. Yay!

    I remember some of those hokey workplace videos (before Blissful Retirement). We used to reenact them in the teachers' lounge for days afterward. So immature.

  5. Ah yes, I remember watching similar videos. Why on earth the production companies can't find better scripts and actors is beyond me.

    Glad you were able to fix the mitt and to start on the second sleeve.

  6. Your weekend and this week have had a lot of variety and spice: snow; warm weather; congrats on the Sigla and frogging your mitt! Online workforce training, good to read that you overcame the dropped stitches and that you're back on track. Enjoy the rest of this week...

  7. Isn't this warm weather amazing? It's almost too hot for Pup to walk on the boardwalk without burning her feet. Crazy.

  8. No warmth here. Im wishing! I too had to put a rescue life line in my sock last night before i ripped back and reknit. Good knitters rip, that 'swhat my friend Karen says

  9. sigh. I love those pretzels. and cannot even remember the last time I had one. (did you know I lived in Cherry Hill for my high school/college years? yep! I've had REAL soft pretzels) YAY for you taking the leap to rip that mitt. Hope it comes back from time out soon so you can finish ... maybe just in time for the next round of cooler weather that surely coming. Winter can't be done yet, right?