Monday, February 12, 2018

What Month is This???

Good Morning!

I feel as though the earth has tilted and I'm in a different zone now  It was in the 60's yesterday!  In February!  After Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter...

We've had heavy fog, heavy rain and mild temps.  The birds are singing Spring songs and our backyard is one giant sponge (that is where it isn't pools of water).

I shouldn't really be surprised as this happens a lot of years.  I'm just hoping it doesn't come back to bite us.  This entire week is supposed to be very mild.  Colin is hoping we can be outside Thursday and enjoy a fire in the pit.

Before we know it, gardening season will be here.  Yesterday while I was knitting, Fletch was busy planting some seeds in a starter tray:

I believe he was planting carnival peppers - a type of habanero that can be various colors - all on the same plant:  red, orange, green, purple, etc.  Should be fun.

Saturday I drove up to Lahaska to meet Dee at Twist a very lovely LYS just outside of New Hope.  Of course I managed to add a little bit to my stash:

The yarn on the right is Madeline Tosh and the colorway is Tart.  This will be for socks for Fletch (he didn't like the skein I bought the last time with him in mind....he does really like this one).  The multi-colored skein on the left is Cascade Heritage in a wool/silk blend.  I just loved how there are so many different colors in this skein.  Socks for me!!  After shopping Dee and I hung out in a coffee shop in Peddler's Village.  What a relaxing, fun day!

And here is where Sigla was last night:

I managed to get the ribbing done at the bottom last night and I am ready to cast off!  I did attempt to try it on over the weekend, forgetting that the circular needle I'm using is 32" - no way that will go around my upper body - LOL.  Luckily no stitches popped off when I attempted the try-on.  I'm anxious to bind of and try it on.  I measured a lot, and I'm 95% sure it will be as loose as I want.  I should know tonight when I bind off after yoga.

A gloomy, grey outside and I need to buckle down and do some work.  Hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Oooooh so pretty! Love Sigla! Remember that blocking will make a difference too. It looks great! I knit with Lett Lopi once. It's itchy. lol! I was surprised that it wasn't more itchy. But I definitely need something under it. Can't wait to see more of this beauty!

  2. You are a Knitting Machine. That's a lot of progress! I am Shamed.

    Fletch looks very analytical. Why isn't he learning to knit his own socks?

  3. I love the colors you chose for Sigla.

    I had a great time Saturday even though we got a little soggy. At least we didn't FREEZE!

  4. Spring is such a tease! At least two more months of cold weather for me.

    Your sweater will soon be finished - how exciting!

  5. Your knits are looking great!

    I wish we had your weather. Everything is covered in ice right now. We are suppose to warm up on Wednesday, but then by the weekend, it's more cold and snow.

  6. I always hate it when it gets unseasonably warm when it's still the middle-of-winter. . . because you KNOW that other shoe is gonna fall. Eventually! I LOVE that Tart color way (in fact, I'm knitting something with it right now -- in Mad Tosh DK) -- but I'll warn you: it bleeds. A lot.

    (If you want to try on your sweater BEFORE you bind off . . . just in case, y'know? . . . you can just slip half the stitches on to any other size circular needle. It's easier than putting all the stitches on yarn.)

  7. Ohhhh.....look at that sweater!!! You are really on a roll with it.

  8. So fun that you got to meet up with Dee!
    I love that skein of Tart, too.

  9. How exciting that you are nearly finished with the sweater!

    I *love* the Tart colorway. I have a friend who made a stunning shawl in that shade, and it is so perfect.

  10. Another Tart lover here! And I love that Fletch is planting seeds already, and with his headlamp! Those peppers sound really beautiful.

  11. Gorgeous sweater you're working on!! I think it's neat Fletch is starting seeds like that, he looks very serious. Ask him if he's ever heard of "Peter Peppers". :-) I saw some in New Orleans and they are very peculiar for sure. Love your yarn! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Even if winter does come back, and it prob will, the break in the weather is wonderful! The new yarns look great-love the sweater progress-nice work!

  13. Lovely skeins of yarn...and looking forward to your socks. How nice to have a LYS in close proximity and a knit pal - Dee - to enjoy it with. Our LYS is closing...