Thursday, February 15, 2018

Three on Thursday 02-15-18

Hi Everyone,

A tad later than usual today for posting.  My morning was rushed and now it's almost time to go home!  My three miscellaneous things for this Thursday:

I had a dentist appointment at 7:30 this morning...two "small" cavities - both of which ended up deeper than anticipated and exposed nerves.  Oy!  Aging teeth.  Dr. George (who truly is wonderful) fixed it all and doesn't think I will have any problems (fingers - not teeth - crossed).  He gave me a cortisone pill and I'm doing Advil every 4 hours.  So far so good....

It is in the mid 60's today!  Colin will be over for dinner.  Fletch is grilling burgers and we will have a fire in the pit.  I'm excited!!

My outfit today:

The shawl is one I love and I've never used this particular shawl pin previously.  It's made from lilac wood and I love how light it is and also the shades of the wood.  I bought it at a festival several years ago - I think it was the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival.

One 4th I mentioned it is in the mid-60's today.  Saturday our forecast is for 1-5" of snow!  I saw some flowers (weeds) blooming outside of work.  There is hope - Spring will come.

Hoping you all had a lovely Valentines Day.  I spent most of the evening knitting and sleeve #1 on Sigla is about half way done!

Have a wonderful evening!


  1. What a pretty shawl and pin!

    I have to have a filling replaced in a couple of weeks and then have an appt for the consultation for the dental implant. Ick.

    We can just try to enjoy the nice days, since we're not the ones in charge. :-)

  2. Lilac wood! I've never encountered anything made of that. Wish I could see it up close.

    We hit 58 today, with a big drop coming tomorrow and the possibility of a bit of snow. Nothing like your forecast, thank goodness. Hang in there.

  3. It's in the 50s today here. It's amazing how quickly 17" of snow can melt when it's 50 degrees! Lovely shawl. Hope your teeth are giving you no trouble at all. XO

  4. The shawl pin is lovely. Wasn't the warm weather a nice treat before heading into the freezer again.

  5. How pretty that shawl is!!!! It never really got warm here. I was so disappointed. We had sun for about an hour at dinner and then cold wind again. Ugh.

  6. ❤️ your shawl & shawl pin!

    Two inches of snow today, plus wind and 26° F. Where is Spring!

  7. Fantastic shawl pin! I think it is a great accessory with the shawl! Glad the dentist visit was successful-what a bother, is right!

  8. Lovely shawl and pin! Always a surprise when we go to the dentist...

  9. beautiful shawl and I'll be praying for your teeth :)