Tuesday, January 16, 2018

And Tuesday Rolls In

Hi All,

A milder morning today - about 28 (instead of 12).  By the time I had gotten out of the shower and started the coffee, a gentle snow was falling.  Not enough to get off work and not much since then...will have to see how the day progresses.

So, the car is back.  Gosh brakes are expensive - that was about $1K of the bill!  Then there were assorted other minor things plus inspection...all of it adding up to just under $1.6K.  But as Colin said - still cheaper than a new car.  The car has served us well.  126K miles on it and nothing major (brakes do wear out as do tires).  Here's to many more miles.

When we got home from picking it up I settled back into some knitting and the last bottle of Mad Elf beer (only comes out at Christmas).  This picture makes the sock look enormous!

The foot is now finished up to where I will re-join the Sabertooth Caterpillar yarn and decrease at the toes.  I'm holding off doing that until Colin comes over so I can double-check measurements. 

The pea soup yesterday was excellent except I did not like the kielbasa I used.  I'm thinking that left-over grilled Italian sausage would work well next time.  The kielbasa was just a bit too mild for me.

There have been a ton of changes at work - payroll and benefits transitioning to our parent company in NC, accounting changes, etc.  I just found out that we are no longer receiving pay stubs by mail - we have to print them out.  But, it turns out that I am not set up to be able to do that (it's being worked on...).  It's going to take some time for all these changes to sort out.  In the interim. I need to practice what my friend Tyg does - he just chills out all the time.

Now it's back to work!


  1. Love the leg dangling off the chair.

  2. Aren't brakes crazy???? And most of that price is the labour. I count my lucky stars that Dave can fix cars. All four brakes on my old car cost me about $200 and a big hug.

    Tyg is obviously the Master of Chill.

  3. I always hate car repairs - yes, you need them, but they are never inexpensive ...

    Tyg looks quite dashing in that pose!

  4. Well. It's good to have brakes that work. :-)
    That Tyg? He's got the right idea!!!

  5. Yes, definitely cheaper than a new car. My car is 13 years old and still running great. It's never had any expensive repairs - just regular maintenance. It's been a wonderful car!

  6. Oh car issues. No one likes them. But brakes are so important. Mad Elf beer looks like my family would love it. I don't drink beer, but The rest do and they so enjoy it. I feel the need to knit a sock

  7. Plugging back in (briefly :-) and enjoying catching up with you - car repairs in January ... ugh, but warm-ish weather for grilling steaks, sock progress and Sing, Unburied, Sing are all great! Happy mid-Week!!

  8. I need a chill out lesson from Tyg! Glad your car is back!

  9. I'd love to chill like a cat! Car issues are the biggest pain!

  10. TYg, we all need that advice. Hope you had a good week at work, I am not one to handle change all that well.