Monday, September 11, 2023

Weekending 9/11/23

 Good Morning All,

Thank you for all the birthday wishes - I truly appreciate them!  My weekend was wonderful.  Saturday morning I headed out to meet Dee at her house (and, of course see Steve and Giroux!!) and then Dee drove us over to NJ and the Sheep & Wool festival.  If you've seen Dee's blog, you already know about the festival (higher price to get in, fewer animals this year, fewer vendors and RUDE people).  Oy!  Still, there was yarn and after thinking I wouldn't get anything, of course I did.  But first the cute sheep (and if you have not been to Dee's blog head over there - her sheep pictures are better than mine).

This guy was kind of sleepy and just really wanted to be left alone and he wished all the other sheep would just shut up!

This handsome guy wanted to be in the limelight and photographed (and he had not finished chewing his hay)

And this last one had recently been to the salon for a dye job!

Now for the stash enhancement!!

This is a BIG skein (510 yards) from Fiber Seed.  The colorway is "Harvest Moon" and I fell in love with it.  I'm thinking a nice large shawl.

"All the Fall" from Fiber Stash Dye Works.  I thought this would make a handsome pair of socks for my guy.  Dee bought the same yarn, but her skein has sparkles in it (which I did not think would be good for Fletch).

We both bought this next skein as well!  "Time Square at Night" from 7th Floor Yarn (never heard of them before).  

I wish my photo showed the colors better (kinda cloudy outside) - so many jewel tones in this - gold, purple, blue, green.  Just gorgeous and definitely swoon-worthy.  It is 50/50 yak and silk and the softest stuff you can imagine.  There was a sample of the Loretto Road Cowl made up in this colorway (only one skein needed).  The vendor was kind enough to give a copy of the pattern (free on Ravelry), so I will be knitting this soon.

After the festival we went to Luminary (favorite stomping ground of Dee & Steve) for coffee and a little knitting and then headed over to Chive for a good lunch.  All-in-all, a delightful day.  Thank you my friend for such a nice time!

I had debated going out for breakfast on Sunday, but it was pouring rain and very, very dark outside.  So instead I made a batch of blueberry muffins (and now we will have leftovers to take with us on our vacation).  I pretty much spent the whole day working on some stitching and then we went out for dinner.  We had excellent food at a Thai restaurant.  So good that there were no leftovers to bring home!

Fletcher's Pad See Ew with shrimp

My Evil Jungle Princess with chicken

Today will be all about getting stuff done before we take off on Thursday.  Work should be quiet (all my bossess are headed to Boston to a big meeting).  I want to get back to C&M's house to water plants and finish removing jars of condiments from their frig.  Fletch has errands he needs/wants to run as well.  So, it will be a busy day (and the plumber is coming), but hopefully I will find some time for relaxing with my needles.

Cheers to the week ahead - enjoy!


  1. Pretty plates! Sounds like you still had a great day despite some negatives at the Sheep & Wool. And any day you find nice yarn is a good day.

  2. Great yarn buys - I love the sheep. They are always so cute!

  3. I'm off to read Dee's blog for all the tea, glad the birthday was fun!

  4. I'm glad you had a good time with the Festival; the new yarn is gorgeous!

  5. Bummer about the rude people but it sounds like an otherwise good weekend. I hope you can get everything done that you need to do so that you can go off on vacation with a clear conscience!

  6. Evil Jungle Princess --- bwah ha ha ha! I'd have to order that just for the name.

    Glad you had a good time on Saturday. We will probably do it again next year. You KNOW we will. LOL

  7. Beautiful colors in those yarns. I plan to venture into the Ohio shop of a dyer and spinner that has all sorts of brands too. Getting an itch to knit. Glad you had a great birthday.

  8. I am happy to see that you both persevered in spite of the festival negatives and came home with some lovely stuff. Are you and Dee going to do your own knitalong with the matching yarn you bought?

    I think you should now create an alternate personality for yourself and call yourself Evil Jungle Princess. ;-)

  9. Sheep! I hear you about the rude people. The last time I went to Rhinebeck I said I'm not going back because of just that. The yarn fumes must go to some people's head.

  10. What a great way to celebrate your birthday weekend, Vera!!! Y'know, when I took my sister to the West Michigan Fiber Festival when she was visiting in August, it was the same kind of thing . . . fewer vendors, fewer animals, and grumpy people! (Of course, we did still manage to find yarn . . . )

  11. I'm sorry about the rude people and fewer vendors, but I love your sheep photos and purchases! That Thai food looks delicious (and Evil Jungle Princess wins the Thai food name contest)!

  12. Lovely stash enhancement yarn - it’s hard to pick a favorite. Glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday.

  13. I like that you and Dee bought the same skeins of yarn and also something different. Your birthday sounds lovely. Don't work too hard getting ready to get out of town. Seems like the older we get, the more effort is involved in a trip or vacation.

  14. I think that is great that you both got the same yarns! I like Sarah's idea of a mini-kal! Your Thai food looks amazing! Here is to a calm "get away" week! XO