Monday, September 25, 2023

Back Home Again!

 Hello My Friends!

It's been some time, huh?  But now Fletch and I are back home and now I have to settle back into a work routine...but first a quick catch-up post.  Quick because I kind of over-slept, or slept in this a.m.  I dread opening work email, but I have not done that yet.

Our vacation was lovely.  We had beautiful weather the entire time (rain only one night which prevented us from having an outside fire).  We were North and West of where we live and were surprised not to see too much color, but it was still a wonderful time.

We started out in Cook Forest State Park which was absolutely gorgeous!  Lots and lots of old growth trees.

Fletch out on a ledge!

The fire tower which we did not climb!  A sign stated the limit was 6 people at a time.  When we were there a number of folks were climbing up as well as about 4 dogs!

Fletch by a giant cherry tree.  This was along a Sensory Trail within the park which was very interesting.  The signs were in English as well as brail.

After leaving that area we headed to Erie for a few days.  We visited Presque Isle:

One day we went to the Erie Zoo.  I have a love/hate relationship with zoos.  I do like seeing different animals, but I hate seeing them in cages or not in their natural habitat - just makes me sad.  The Erie Zoo was nice and spread throughout the acres it covers are some botanical gardens.  It was a great day weather-wise to be walking around a zoo.

After that we headed North to Chataqua Lake in NY, and then came home via Dallas, PA where Ricketts Glen is.  We got home last Wednesday and by Thursday afternoon, all the laundry was caught up (yes!  the washer is still working very well, thank you).

The Lehigh Fiber Festival was this past weekend, and you know Dee and I just had to go!  It was sort of a miserable day (though Dee and I had a good time).  The tropical storm had moved up the coast and it had started raining Friday night.  Everything was pretty wet (most vendors were in tents outside) and it was quite windy (and raining hard at times).  A number of vendors had not bothered to show up.  I still managed to find some yarn!

On the right:  Gold Panning, in the middle:  Paisley, and on the left:  Honky Tonk Woman

I couldn't decide between these three skeins, so I bought them all!  Such a good deal - sock yarn by Twisted Owl Fiber Studio out of Longview, TX.  Each skein is 100 grams and 463 yards (75/25 Merino/Nylon) and they were on sale for $11 each - so really, 3 skeins for the price of one!

The Lehigh Fiber Festival is a small event and no sheep or sheep dogs.  We did spot one animal though:

A rather large bunny in a lavender cage!

Well, that does it for today.  I really need to get cracking and see what is happening in the work world.  It is good to be home again and I will enjoy gradually catching up on blogs (the sign of a good vacation - not much blog reading...or being on the internet at all!).  I do hope that you all are doing well and enjoying the beginning days of Fall.


  1. I'm familiar with the Cook Forest area. It's lovely.
    You scored some pretty skeins and got a good deal, too. Nice work. And that is one fluffy bunny! Wow.

  2. Welcome home!!! The forest pics and Lake Erie are beautiful each in their own way! Lovely new yarn!!!

  3. what a fun vacation and so glad you were able to take one!!

  4. Welcome home; it feels like you've been gone a long time! But what a lovely vacation with wonderful weather. And that yarn and the fluffy bunny! I wish you the best in catching up with work.

  5. You really DID get a good deal on those skeins. They are GORGEOUS!

  6. Glad you had a good vacay! And ended it off with a fun fibrefest!
    I hope the first day back at work isn't too bad!

  7. Ending a vacation with a fiber fest has got to be the greatest thing ever. I never did get to the one I was looking forward to in VA this weekend. Ophelia had other plans for us. It's been 6 years since I've managed to get to one for one reason or another. Either my fiber karma is really bad or the fates are saying I have

  8. Welcome home! It looks like a great vacation! Good luck with re-entry.

  9. I'm so glad you had a great vacation and good weather - that has been in short supply this summer around here! Welcome back, I missed you. Great sock yarn you got, too.

  10. It seems as though I'm one of the last on here this morning to say "Welcome Home". Your vacation sounds wonderful and the photos are beautiful. What a deal you got on your sock yarn. That's a great, great price and I really like the colors you chose. I hope today isn't too bad at work. Just think, not much longer will you have to return from a trip and go back to work! There's nothing better!

  11. I'm glad to hear you had such a nice time away (and that the washer is working just fine, haha). You picked some lovely skeins at the festival and certainly made it worth being out in such soggy weather!

  12. Fabulous bargain on the yarn! I love the colors in Honky Tonk Woman.

  13. Glad you had a nice vacation and are home safely. Cooks Forest is where my sister always went, less than two hours from us.

  14. Not being on the Internet is a sign of a good vacation. I'm with you on zoos. I don't love them. I do think there is more effort put into more natural habitats but still. You got a good deal on the yarn. I love the names.

  15. Welcome back, Vera! It sounds like you and Fletch had a wonderful adventure together. Your photos are lovely! I am . . . not a fan of zoos, either. In fact, I tend to avoid them as much as possible. (Sigh.) And that yarn is just gorgeous. So glad you and Dee were able to make the best of some really awful weather . . .

  16. Welcome back! What a great week you had such perfect weather! I hope easing back into work is practically painless! XO