Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Tiny Needle Tuesday 9-26-23

 Good Morning!

Looks to be another cloudy one here in Eastern PA.  After such a dry Summer, we have had some soaking rains and grey/damp days.  I am craving some sunshine!

Yesterday we had some rain or drizzle pretty much all day.  Fletch managed to get out and buy some mums.  They are gorgeous this year.  No pictures thanks to the weather.  Today we are hoping to pick up some pumpkins at the farm stand on the way to the grocery store, and Fletch wants another mum or two for the front step.

My stitching projects did travel with me on vacation.  However, they never once came out of their tote bag.  I have not put in a single stitch since before we left!  I'm anxious to get back to it if work will cooperate.  Yesterday was pretty busy work-wise.  But, I did put in a few stitches prior to leaving but after my last TNT post, so I do have some pictures to show.  Sadly, nothing on the cactus front, but the BIG sampler had a little bit added.

A few blue petals at the top and a blue bird and squirrel at the bottom.  That's it!

Here is a shot of the entire piece overall:

Sorry for all the wrinkles, but that's what happens when it gets folded up and stored in a bag for weeks.

Hoping to find some time today to get back to this and/or the Cactus Triptych...we shall see.  

It's a busy week though.  Not just work-wise (which is ramping up quickly for the busiest time of the year), but also personally and fun-wise.  Colin and Mailing fly in tomorrow!  They have a wedding to attend in Philadelphia Friday night.  They will be coming to our house Wednesday for dinner (and hopefuly a fire in the pit if the weather cooperates) and then we are all meeting up at Bonnie & Zhongren's for dinner on Saturday night.  It will be so good to see them again.

Well, time for me to get cranking on some work projects.  Hope your Tuesday is a good one!


  1. I suppose not getting a lot of stitching done on your vacation means you were out seeing and doing things, so it's not entirely a bad thing! I hope work cooperates and allows you some stitching time today.

  2. That almost always happens to me on a vacation . . . I pack up my projects and then never work on them! (A sign of a good vacation in my mind . . . ) So glad you're going to be able to spend some time with C&M, Vera. What a special treat. (And I hope the weather cooperates so you can spend time together around the fire.) XO

  3. Every week I think you must be getting near the end of the large sampler, and it just keeps going! I hope work slows down now that you have deleted most of those pesky emails and you can enjoy some stitching and C&M!

  4. Lots of happy things to look forward to! How nice to come home to Joyful Things (in spite of some gloomy weather).

  5. It's just amazing! I always find stitching hard to travel with. I pack it all up but find that it's a pain to drag it all out and work on it. Knitting is so much easier.

  6. I would say I am sorry your stitching did not see any love while you were on vacation, but I think that is the sign of a great vacation... doing other things! I am heading out soon to get my covid/flu jabs... and have plans to cast on a sock once that is done!

  7. Everytime I see that sampler I think how beautiful it is. The only time I get much stitching done on vacation is in the car or on the airplane. Otherwise the fun takes over and no crafting happens. I always overpack yarn though. I usually knit or crochet in the car because when I try to stitch, I ALWAYS lose the needle in my seat.
    So fun to have the kids coming home for a visit and see Mailings parents too. We're all, (Brad's family too), going to Mandy & Brad's house on Friday for Piper's birthday. She's going to be 11. It doesn't seem possible.
    Have a great Tuesday Vera.
    Blessings and hugs,

  8. Your mention of Mums reminds me I need to get out an deadhead some of mine!

    Your sampler is really growing! That's quite the project!

  9. I truly love that sampler and I LOL at your apologies for the wrinkles! I celebrate wrinkles!! Not really, but I am lazy about getting the iron out!

  10. Welcome home! Looks like you had a fantastic vacation (even though there wasn't any stitching ... maybe you found some time to read? or knit?)... I know you're excited about C&M coming tomorrow - ENJOY!

  11. When you show the stitched piece as a whole, we can see how involved it it!!! It's stunning!

  12. Enjoy your family. And keep stitching on that piece. It's my favorite of yours - to date.

  13. I do like the horizontal stitcheries. And this one is a beauty.