Friday, July 8, 2022

Yay for Friday!

 Good Morning,

Why is it that 4 day work weeks always seem longer than 5 day work weeks?  Whenever we have a Monday holiday, for me anyway, the balance of the week just goes on and on and on!  But, now, we are nearing the close of work time...just need to get through a conference call or two and call it finished!

A good part of yesterday afternoon was dealt with "hotel idiots."  I really have no patience whatsoever!  I need to set  up a two day meeting for Kevin (I am not planning to attend) and instead of having it at corporate he wants it to be somewhere in the South.  I called two resorts (Chateau Elan outside of Atlanta and Rosen Shingle Creek in the Orlando area).  Gave the people I spoke with details - number of people who will attend, preferred dates, yes overnight rooms for everyone, yes meeting space to accommodate the whole group, etc., etc.  I received a proposal from Chateau Elan for dates I had not mentioned...still waiting to hear from Shingle Creek.  And to think I used to love planning and organizing this type of thing!

So, welcome to Friday and here is our Friday Feline picture:

Curled up at the edge of the patio yesterday while Fletch and I were sitting outside.  Such a sweetheart.

Earlier in the day Fletch had been trimming our wisteria (which did not do very well this year) and out popped the robin's nest.

Several eggs had fallen out and crashed on the edge of our patio or driveway and eventually the robin just abandoned the nest.  We were amazed that there was still an egg inside.  The nest is a work of art - so tightly woven.

Time to wake up Fletch and get my day started (and have another cup of coffee).  Wishing you all lovely weekends - enjoy!


  1. I was having the same thoughts about the shorter week seeming so long last night -- I felt like it should have already been Friday already!

    I am always impressed by what birds can do to build their nests. We watched a video a few weeks ago about a kind of bird that "sews" a big leaf together to make its nest. Fascinating!

    I hope the day goes quickly and you have a relaxing weekend!

  2. Steve has not been on the "right day" all week. So yeah, a very discombobulated week!

    And I think that every place is having employee issues. I could right a tome about Steve's daily interactions with the working world. It is not pretty. At all. LOL Your office is so lucky to have you!

  3. Little Miss Mabel ...WHERE is your tail?????

    Some days I think there is not a person left on this earth that knows how to do their job. Sorry you had such an awful time with Rosen.

  4. I was just thinking last night that I hadn't seen a photo of Miss Mabel in awhile. She is just the cutest little girl. Those spots get me every time.
    We never know what day of the week it is anymore. Dennis says now it's six Saturdays a week and a Sunday.
    It does seem that no one wants to work anymore. How are all of the non-working people surviving though? We went to Applebee's the other day that only had six tables in the entire restaurant open because only one waiter was working. They can't find any servers! And you hear the same story over and over.
    I sure hope you're able to get your conference details ironed out soon.

  5. Wages are not keeping up with inflation in the service industries. Who wants to work a low-paying job with no benefits when you can find another one that's much better? That's where we are now, and I say Bravo to anyone who does better for himself.

    Mabel looks completely content and relaxed. She is obviously happy at home with her people.

    Poor robin! She worked hard on that nest and now nothing to show for it. It's a pretty artifact. Enjoy your weekend; take a lesson from Mabel!

  6. Daughter used to do the event planning for the Organ Transplant Org here in DC and I heard many horror stories about it from her. Of course my issue was always why they were spending money on all these fancy events instead of using it for people who actually need the transplants. Doctors don't need to be wined and dined in Napa with donor's money. It burned me up. Her too. She quit and I wrote letters to Congress complaining.

  7. i just love Mabel's spots!!!

    Custom service has really gone down with the pandemic. I try to be patient, because so much is going on, but some people are just sooooo dumb.

  8. I'm sorry you've had to deal with dumb people. There are many reasons I'm not traveling but simply trying to make reservations is a big one. But Mabel is cute as always and I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  9. The tree service had two outstanding young men with excellent grammar, work ethic, and their phones stayed in the truck! We were really impressed and offered a good tip to both.

  10. It's a surprise to find competence these days . . . There seem to be so many issues at play there. Sigh. And I love bird nests! They're such master builders. XO

  11. so sad that the nest was abandoned! Incompetence runs high these days. I grow weary of it all!