Friday, July 1, 2022

Snapshots From a Walk

 Good Morning and Happy Friday!  Happy Long Weekend!!

Work has really slowed which is always the case leading up to a holiday weekend.  Yesterday my only conference call scheduled for today was cancelled, so I feel rather free and really don't plan on doing much work at all.  I've already done a few things this a.m., answered emails, etc.  My hope/plan is to get out for a walk early before it gets hot.

Yesterday I finally walked by the canal.  I managed to do the usual 3 miles but was a bit on the warm side when I got back to my car (I walked from 9-10 a.m.).  It's been a number of weeks since I walked anywhere - my feet have been bothering me ever since we walked around China Town when we went into Philadelphia for Dim Sum a few weeks back.  Not sure why - maybe because I was walking in leather flats rather than sneakers...and walking on city pavement rather than a trail.  Anyway, it felt good to get out yesterday.  Flowers have started to bloom alongside the canal.

So pretty!  There were also day lilies, purple loosestrife, some tiny white flowers and other "weeds" which are just so nice to see.

There were also some animals.  No blue herons sighted, but there was a cute baby duck:

And, perhaps my favorite turtle picture:

The back legs on that one turtle crack me up!  They are so wide!!

I saw a few other walkers, a couple of joggers, a couple of folks on bicycles and 3 kayaks on the canal.  I'm hoping to get out before 8 a.m. today and am thinking I'll walk at Oaks along the Perkiomen Creek.

The day will also be filled with some errands.  I need to gas up the car (particularly painful these days), pick up a couple of prescriptions at CVS, get to the bank to get some $$$ and pick up a few things at the grocery store.  I'm making pizza for dinner and our mushrooms in the frig are fairly slimy, so I want to get fresh.  And, the store I'll go to has cherries on sale!

Yesterday before dinner Fletch and I were sitting on the patio with our beverages and there was a goldfinch on the thistle at our side yard.  We had just been commenting that the goldfinches were not around much this year!

I know it looks more like a yellow leaf in this picture, but it was the best shot I could get with my phone camera.

Sweet Mabel, of course, was right near us.  

Sleeping Beauty!!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend and a great 4th of July!!


  1. Mabel looks like she is smiling.

  2. That turtle photo is too funny! I've never seen one lay out that way. It must be love. I have one that shows up every morning to share breakfast with the outdoor kitties but he/she is a rather stodgy compared to that swinging couple.

  3. I plan to copy Mabel for much of the long weekend! You've been really lucky to see some great wildlife. I much prefer your animal friends to the rat I saw going into my composter yesterday, but I suppose living in the city means that's more likely. Enjoy your quiet day and the weekend!

  4. I love Mabel :) When we lived in Michigan we had a cemetery walk that had a pond with tons of turtles and lily pads, it was beautiful. Seeing your turtles reminds me of that beautiful walk.

  5. Yay for a quiet work Friday! It is supposed to get warm here today as well. I will be sorry to see these lovely moderate temperatures depart! Enjoy your weekend, Vera!

  6. I just got back from my walk and it's plenty warm out there already! I love seeing pictures from your walks, especially the turtles. I hope you have a good, long, relaxing weekend!

  7. What a wonderful post--so glad you were able to take your nature walk. Mabel is indeed a sleeping beauty! Have a good weekend!

  8. Sleeping Beauty is right.

    We haven't had many goldfinches around, either, lately. They seem to have left in late May.

    Love that ultra-relaxed turtle. He's living his best life right there.

  9. Ah, sweet Mabel. She is so beautiful and looks so happy. I'm glad she's settled in so well. Those turtles are a hoot. I've never seen one lay like that either. I hope you have a very relaxing holiday weekend. Ours is shaping up to be busy with a picnic tomorrow and Jenny arriving on Sunday. Good, but busy.

  10. I was thinking that we haven't had a Mabel photo for a while. So many great pictures this post--ducks, turtles, MABEL!

  11. Love that turtle pic! Have a wonderful long weekend!

  12. What a lovely day. Goldfinches are so beautiful. We haven't seen as many either but when they stop at the feeder or tree they are a welcome sight. I think it's hard to walk on warm humid mornings so kudos to you for getting out and getting it done.