Monday, July 4, 2022

Weekending - July 4, 2022

 Good Morning!  Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone has been enjoying a nice, long weekend.  Ours has been very hot and humid, but this morning's air feels fresh and almost cool.  It's not sticky and humid at all.

So, what has been going on?  Friday morning, early, I finally soaked and then pinned out to block the Guernsey Wrap.  I spread it out on the bedroom floor, and that just about killed my back.  After that I went for a walk.  Whew!  I walked at Oaks and didn't see any wildlife other than some humans.  By the time I got home, my tee shirt could be wrung out.  I was dripping.  The bright side of that is that it was such a hot day that by mid-afternoon the wrap was already dry.

Not a very attractive picture, but really it was too freakin' hot to wear a wool wrap and also, Fletch really didn't want to step outside to take a picture.  So one and done was it!  The wrap is now folded up and tucked away for a mid-winter's day.

While I met Dee Saturday morning for our therapy session, Fletch was out in the garden pulling our garlic.  He pulled 50 heads!

And that afternoon he hung it all from the patio roof:

I love just being able to step outside and grab fresh garlic.  We just finished using last year's crop about a month ago!

Last night Fletch grilled ribs so we also tried grilling some of our garlic scapes.  Wow!  They were delicious.  Just sprinkled a bit of EVOO and S&P on them, threw them in a grill basket and plopped them down.  Grilling brought out the sweetness of them and (as one review I read stated), grilled scapes are reminiscent of asparagus.  Very tasty!!

Our eggplant plants are really producing this year - just look at this:

There are already over a dozen eggplants forming!  I can't wait to have some of these grilled...or on pizza...YUM!

The bluebarb jam, BTW, is quite good even if it didn't set completely.  I tried some on peach pancakes yesterday morning and then on vanilla ice cream last night.  Our neighbor, Rob, said he put some on oatmeal and it was awesome!  We traded jams with him the other day - he brought us Mulberry Jam made from a tree on his property.  That jam is very tasty as well.

No plans for today.  If the weather stays nice, I may try to get a walk in this morning.  I'm going to cook some chicken in the oven for dinner and Fletch is going to pick the first of our green beans from the garden.  Now, if only the tomatoes would hurry up and ripen!  Fireworks will be set off in our local park tonight - we can sometimes see them from our backyard.  As I've said before, I'm not a huge fan - I like seeing them, I don't like hearing them.

Hope everyone can stay cool and enjoy the 4th!


  1. The wrap is lovely and you are brave for wearing it for even one photo! We've been eating snow peas from the garden all week, and I'm also trying to encourage the tomatoes. We watched fireworks from our backyard last night. I know I'm getting old because they all seemed too loud and I was concerned about floating embers. Happy Monday, Vera!

  2. Your wrap turned out beautifully! (but I really hope you won't be needing it anytime soon!!) I am with Bonny in encouraging my tomatoes! Have a great Monday! XO

  3. The wrap looks spectacular -- and now I can finally appreciate how big it is! Though I imagine on a July day, it's the last thing you'd want to be wearing. It sounds like you've been eating very well this weekend. Enjoy the day today and I hope the fireworks aren't too loud this evening!

  4. The wrap looks wonderful! Fantastic finish! It's hot and humid here too, and looks to be that way all week. I try to get my outside stuff done in the mornings and evenings and the rest of the day I hide inside.

    I never thought of making mulberry jam from our mulberries. We just let the birds eat them all. Maybe next year.

  5. The wrap is fabulous!!! What an amazing job you did-and so fast! I have serious garden envy after seeing your garlic. I miss the anticipation and excitement of growing things even if I'm reduced to just a few pots these days.

  6. That wrap is huge! Well done. I could have used it last night when it got very cool outdoors during fireworks.

    I just discovered that we have garlic scapes alongside our driveway, left by previous homeowners. Does that mean I have fresh garlic, too? I could be excited if that's the case. I guess I need to find out what to do next!

  7. The wrap is beautiful. You'll be nice and cozy this winter.

    We are heading off to Glenside for the parade. Enjoy your grill dinner. We'll be doing that later too.

  8. Beautiful texture on the Guernsey Wrap! It’s longer than I expected - a nice size to snuggle into this Fall and Winter.

  9. Love the wrap! And I'm very impressed with your garlic.

    1. And I have never known what to do with the scapes (are those the same as whistles?).

  10. Fireworks are going off like crazy right now in our neighborhood and will probably go on all night like they did last night.
    Love your garlic. How cool to be able to grab it whenever you want to. We may need to plant some since I use a LOT of garlic in my cooking.
    Your wrap is beautiful, as are you. I can only imagine how miserably hot it was. We had 102F here today with a 112F "feel like" temperature. it was miserable. We took our visitor to the Wildlife Safari Park where you drive through in your car so we could stay in the A/C. Lunch at Mandy's and dinner at a restaurant. Good fun!

  11. That wrap, Vera! It's gorgeous! And you're going to love it when the weather cools off next fall. (It's so much bigger than I imagined it was!) I love your garlic. It's just gorgeous . . . and you've got such a nice harvest. XO

  12. I love your wrap... and you're gonna love it in a few months!! Look at all that garlic!

  13. Previous years' garlic never made it that long in storage. We tried different varieties, dried properly, stored properly, and they shrunk to nothing after a few months.