Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday July 5, 2022

 Good Morning!

How was your weekend?  Did you have a nice 4th of July?  Our weather was wonderful.  The humidity broke overnight on Sunday so that Monday was just a pleasant day.  I walked after lunch and it did get warm, but not like it had felt at the end of last week.  And last night it almost felt chilly!  Our local fireworks went off as usual (we can see some of them from our backyard) and by 10 p.m. it was pretty quiet.  Luckily Mabel seemed none the worse from the noise of the fireworks.

It's a little overcast here today and I think we will have rain by the afternoon.  I will probably skip walking today as we want to do a little grocery shopping this morning.  I suppose I should also consider doing a bit of work - LOL.

Anyway, here it is Tuesday and the first in July.  Time for a TNT update.  The "Simply Live" sampler is coming along nicely.

I sure am enjoying all the different colors in this one (I got a little tired of red and green while stitching the A&E Sampler).

As for garden news, we have one large tomato that is nearing time to be picked!!  It is completely orange and beginning to turn red.  The jalapenos have formed and some are green and some are red.  Time to pick them.  Beets are poking up through the soil, so they should be picked (I need to remember to look at the greens to see if they are useable).  And yesterday I picked some of our blueberries:

A few that were not quite ripe fell into my hand as I picked, but overall they look lovely.  Last year we only had a few berries all summer; this year the bush is loaded!  And figs are beginning to form!  Rob and Eva came over with summer squash from their garden:

I will be cooking up one of these to go with our dinner tonight!  Despite the lack of rain (once again no lawn mowing this week!!), the garden does seem to be thriving.

Well, that's a wrap for me.  Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday - enjoy!


  1. As always, I am happy to have the 4th of July OVER for another year. JoJo is terrified of fireworks, so it's basically 4 or 5 days of absolute misery while we try our best to keep her calm, sedated, and comfortable. I'm so glad your garden is doing so well this year! :-)

  2. Nice work on the new sampler. Its varied colours should be a nice distraction.

    I spent a good amount of our impressive fireworks display lying ON TOP OF Zydrunas in the yard at the lake. He shakes so badly from terror that it's heartbreaking, but he doesn't want to be without his people.

    We're getting a good, soaking rain this morning, finally. My herbs and peppers are doing fine, but I'm sick of watering all the time. I'm still jealous of your figs, but you can have those blueberries. Not a fan.

  3. Your garden is going gang-busters!

    The new cross stitch is gorgeous. I love those Quaker-ish motifs.

  4. Your garden is coming along and your stitching is lovely! I made a ramen noodle salad last night with the one head of napa cabbage that hadn't molded (odd, because it hasn't rained here in quite a while), blanched two gallons of snow peas, and will have string beans tonight. I'm envious of your tomato; ours are just small and green so far.

  5. Our summer weather has finally arrived and we had a lovely gathering on the deck yesterday. Best of all the peonies and herbs are doing well in the garden. Enjoy your harvest.

  6. The cats got their first, up close and personal experience with fireworks on Friday. They were out in the catio when the neighbour lit a few off for his son. They were not amused but settled down fine once they were in the house. They'd heard fireworks before, but never that close, lol.

    Everything sounds wonderful in your garden. I only have strawberries and tomatoes so far. The strawberries are done for now, but they are ever bearing so they will start up again at some point.

    I have three cherry tomato plants, and they are just starting to get tomatoes. It will probably be a few weeks before anything starts to ripen.

  7. The variety of colors in the new sampler does look like fun! I'm envious that you already have some things from your garden ready to eat. All our tomatoes are still growing and quite green, but maybe in another week we'll start to see some color. We're getting a lot of rain today, finally, so maybe you'll see some of it tonight!

  8. Oh, my goodness! I can't believe you've done so much already! It really looks like a fun project to work on.

  9. The town’s fireworks display is visible from my driveway - so beautiful. It started at 10 and was over in 30 minutes, but the neighbors decided to party until well after midnight. I see several quilting motifs in your new sampler: it’s pretty.

  10. Very envious of your produce! Our summer CSA starts this week but I'm fairly certain the first few baskets will be sparse, given the lack of stuff at the Farmer's market this weekend. New sampler is cute!

  11. We had idiots shooting off sonic blasters after midnight. You already have peppers and garden items? We have nothing!! Finally found fig trees here, they are about as tall as my ruler. I'll be long gone before they fruit.

  12. Somehow, it was fairly quiet on the fireworks noise for the weekend. I am not sure what was up but Sherman appreciated the relative quiet!

    Your stitching is wonderful as is your garden haul! :)

  13. The garden goodies look delicious. We have had fireworks every night. Sunday and Monday nights were ridiculous. I hate to think how much money went up in smoke. Fireworks are legal here until the 4th of July at 11:00 pm. They've been going on for a week and until 2:00 to 3:00 in the morning. I'm beginning to detest fireworks. They're setting them off right now too. UGH!

  14. It does look like you had a good weekend and the garden is producing some beautiful fruits/veggies!

  15. Wow - blueberries from your yard. I do love the summer produce. What a pretty new sampler too. Personal fireworks are legal in Lincoln on the 3rd and 4th and it is just nuts. I am glad when the holiday is over.