Monday, April 25, 2022

Weekending 4/25/22

 Good Morning My Friends!

How are you?  How was your weekend?  Mine was lovely - I met up with Dee on Saturday morning for coffee and knitting and chatting.  Always a good time.  The weekend provided opportunity for walking, knitting, stitching, napping, reading, even a little TV watching (me!!) with Fletch.

This is the state of our back yard currently.  You can see my archery target at the edge of the woods (the plywood backdrop is a godsend so that my wayward arrows don't go into the woods...though I've been known to shoot too high and they go over the backdrop).  The wild cherries are blooming in the woods.  Our thistle feeder is hanging in the apple tree and there have been plenty of purple finches feeding.  Yesterday morning I saw the first goldfinch at the feeder!  The camper birdhouse has residents as does the terracotta house hanging at the back.  Fun to watch all the activity.  Of course, Mabel loves climbing into the tree, so the birds had best pay attention.

Our redbud may be at peak right now.  It is gorgeous!

And our apple tree is quickly becoming loaded with blooms.  It is so nice to sit out on the patio at the end of the day and see the blooms and watch the birds.

Sunday I headed out to the canal path for a walk.  I didn't go too far as my back was bothering me and I did not see any blue herons, but there were plenty of turtles!!

And even some baby geese!

Walking back along the path, I saw two kayaks coming towards me.  There was a dog in one of them!

It felt good to get out, but I was disappointed in how sore my back was.  It feels ok this morning and I may try to get another walk in.  Right now I have one load of wash drying and another load to get in the washer (once Fletch gets out of bed, the sheets will come off and go into the washer).  It looks a little bit overcast, so I think I'll just use the dryer today.  Yesterday I did two loads of laundry (clothes) and everything dried on the lines outside.  I love being able to do that.

Here's hoping everyone's week is off to a great start!


  1. Your red bud is gorgeous! We saw so much of it on the hillsides on our way home from Erie yesterday! It is one of my favorites! Your yard is a lush oasis! :)

  2. I agree, your redbud is gorgeous! My weekend was much the same, except I wish I could see some turtles on my walks. I've also got my first load of laundry ready to hang out and the second one started. (I'm gambling that it won't rain!) I hope your back begins to feel better with more PT. Have a good Monday!

  3. It was a cold and windy weekend, but I got quite a bit of sewing and knitting done. I even watched a few old episodes of Wycliff on Tubi. Your backyard would be a wonderful place to sit and relax.

  4. Your backyard is so green and lush! I'm sorry about the sore back, I hope it eases so you can find joy in your walks again.

  5. Your backyard looks so amazing right now with all that beautiful color. I love Redbuds when they're just at their peak -- and it only seems to last for a day or so!

  6. I love your backyard! And I love finches--I don't think I've seen purple ones! But my favorite is the photo of the turtles!

  7. Your backyard is beautiful. I do miss hanging out clothes. I did it often in Spokane but here it's too humid and there is no clothesline.
    My back is acting up again now too. I actually had spasms yesterday for the first time in ages. We're flying to London tomorrow so it better stop it. I can't imagine the agony of flying with them.
    I'm glad you had so much fun with Dee. You two are ending up as great friends aren't you?

  8. I wonder if all the reaching and bending to hang clothes is what bothered your back. That kind of repetitive and large motion can do it.

    We had incredibly summerlike weather over the weekend--80s!--and it was perfect for putting the boat in and taking the first ride around the lake. We even got a bit sunburned in spots. It felt so good to sit out on the deck and have a glass of wine and enjoy the view.

    The flowering trees have really popped, and lawnmowers could be heard everywhere. But by Wednesday, we'll only see 40. Sigh. Back to the chill.

    We have to enjoy the weather we get when we get it, right?

  9. Sorry to hear your back is bothering you. Hope you are feeling better soon. (This getting older is NOT for sissies.)

  10. Your backyard looks so pretty. Isn't it nice to see the trees beginning to bloom? I hope your back feels better with rest.

  11. Your backyard looks just lovely, Vera! I love the blooms on your trees -- and especially the redbud. (I'm eagerly awaiting the blooms to emerge on my two redbuds. I figure I'm a couple of weeks behind you. So I can enjoy your blooms now . . . and mine later!) I always find that recovery from a major injury . . . is a one step forward, two steps back kind of process. Hang in there! XO

  12. Laundry drying on a line is my idea of a good time.

  13. It's so exciting to see the yard come to life! i think your back will be finicky for a while yet!

  14. Your yard is so pretty! i love the turtles all piled up! If you go out at night now, you can hear all the peepers! I love it