Friday, April 29, 2022

A Treasure

 Good Morning!

And is just at freezing outside - 32 degrees.  It's sunny, but still....I'm beginning to think that April never got the message that it is a Spring month.  And, as so many have been saying, my fear is that we are going to jump right into HOT weather without having a proper Spring.  But, it's one of those things out of my control, so I will not spend a lot of time worrying about it, but I won't quite put my woolens away either!

Today I want to share with you one of my Treasures.  It is my sewing cabinet.  My Grandpa (paternal side) made some beautiful furniture and I am so fortunate to have some of it.  I have a dresser, a bedside end table, and my sewing cabinet (Colin has a desk that he made).

Grandpa was a very talented man.  He did not have a college education, yet he served in politics, ran a creamery, worked at the Bowl Mill in Weston, Vermont (we all have plenty of bowls, offering plates and salt & pepper shakers that he turned out of wood).  He would also recite poetry ALL the time to his kids.  The creamery he ran for a bit was down the street from heir house in South Londonderry, VT.  My Dad and his brothers and sister and neighborhood kids would often gather there after school and listen to my Grandpa recite poems.

Here is a picture of my Dad's parents on their wedding day.

Grandpa was 6'3" and Grandma was around 4'11" - quite the pair!!

And here he is working in the barn that was attached to their home in South Londonderry.

Anyway, many, many moons ago he made a sewing cabinet for my Grandmother.  and, then, many years later I was fortunate enough to get that sewing cabinet.  It is roughly 28" high and roughly 16" across at the widest point.  It is made out of birds eye maple.  (Click to enlarge all the pictures.)

The dresser behind the cabinet is also one he made. 

The two sides of the cabinet open up.  First we have:

Some open space.  This is typically where I store my patterns.  Sometimes some dribs and drabs of velcro, sewing elastic, etc.  (The left "foot" of the cabinet is a little twisted - it is loose and easily turns to the side...I need to get Fletch to tighten that up.)  The other side is like this:

The tray on the right slides back and forth (except that most of my spools are too large and prevent that from happening.  I do have a lot of old spools of thread from my Mom - perhaps I should change those out so that the tray can slide.  And, do you see the two tiny drawers at the top?

I suppose I could keep small scissors, seam rippers, etc. in one.

So there you have one of my treasures!  This sits in the office room right next to my sewing machine cabinet so that the spools of thread are handy when needed.

And with that, it is time to start the final work day of the week.  Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!


  1. what a treasure!! I love seeing what family from days gone by have handed down through the years.

  2. That is a true treasure, Vera! Such beautiful wood for a very clever sewing cabinet. How wonderful that you have it now -- and that it can still serve its original, useful purpose. Thanks so much for sharing your treasure -- and the stories about your grandfather. XO

  3. What treasures! My great grandfather was very talented with wood also. I have a bench and a shoe shine stand that he made.

  4. Thanks for sharing that beautiful treasure, Vera! It's wonderful that you have several pieces that your grandfather made and Colin has a desk. The bird's eye maple is beautiful and it is really very special!

  5. What an amazing treasure to have! It seems like it's not only a really useful item but also a great way to remember your grandfather every time you use it.

  6. What an incredible piece, Vera! It is gorgeous! And something that was useful then... and is still useful now! :)

  7. It’s a beautiful and practical sewing cabinet. It is indeed a treasure. I love the stories tied to pieces of furniture.

  8. That is truly a treasure and SO NEATLY ORGANIZED.

  9. Your grandfather was a real Renaissance man. He was a treasure, too. His woodworking is only one of his gifts. You are lucky to have the sewing cabinet among the tangible memories of him.

  10. Oh Vera what a treasure! A talented man for sure.

  11. A great treasure to have. The story is interesting!

  12. Beautiful family history! The items you have are indeed treasures!