Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Unraveled Wednesday April 13, 2022

 Hello and Good Morning!

Yesterday turned into a beautiful day after a brief morning shower.  I did not get out for a walk but I did manage to do a little bit of archery in the afternoon.  What a sight!  I only shot 15 arrows (building my strength back up) and of those 15, only 2 hit the target!  In my defense, the target is a bit further away than it used to be.  The majority of my arrows fell short - I really need to build my arm strength back up!  All in all though it felt wonderful to get out and do that.

And here we are at Unraveled Wednesday again.  As usual, I am linking up with Kat and other Merry Unravelers to talk making and reading.  Fortunately there was no unraveling this week.  In fact, Hiking Trail sock #1 was finished and #2 started!!  No second sock syndrome for me.

The Guernsey Wrap saw some more rows added.  I am now just over halfway through the second knitting of chart A.

Interesting how that one section really pulls in the sides.  Everything will even out once it is blocked.

My reading has been slow this week.  I'm still reading Still Life and have just 100 pages or so left.  Still enjoying, just reading more slowly.  And, Fletch and I continue to read Teaching a Stone to Talk after dinner.  This is not a book to rush through (and we are not).

Today I will be heading to the office in a bit.  I need to check mail and I have a package of goodies to ship out to Colin & Mailing.  It is supposed to get into the 80's here today!  Depending on how I feel, I may walk this afternoon...or I may nap...I did not sleep well at all last night.  It's time to take the winter comforter off the bed and put on a lighter summer spread.  Maybe if I do that I will sleep better and not wake up so hot!

Wishing you all a wonderful mid-week.  Be sure to stop by Kat's to see what everyone is making and reading.


  1. Sleeping has been elusive here as well... for the same reason I think. It is impossible to know what to put on the bed to sleep these days, one night I am freezing, the next...roasting. I like a window open, but it needs to be above 40 to do that, lol.

  2. You are really cruising along on your socks and the Guernsey wrap looks great! I haven't shot my bow this year but I bet my experience might be similar to yours. I'm thinking I might try to talk John into going over to my BiL's this afternoon and give it a try. I'm surely going to have to build up arm strength, too!

  3. I've been noticing that I'm a bit warm at bedtime, too, which is unusual for me, so you're not alone. Glad to hear there's been no unraveling and the socks and wrap are moving right along. You may have only hit the target twice in your archery outing, but I'm sure that's a heck of a lot better than I'd do!

  4. That guernsey wrap is so pretty with all of the stitches. Congratulations on another week where no unraveling needed to happen. Great job on the archery. You hit the target twice? That's cause for celebration after a winter off.
    We're getting ready to head out to the campground soon. First I'm making a big pot of chili to have for dinner. It's supposed to stay pretty cool out.

  5. I remember how much arm strength it takes for archery--build it up slowly! How nice to be outside again! The knitting is coming along well on both projects!

  6. The wrap is looking good!
    I was black and blue when I had an archery set up in the back yard. I must have been doing something wrong.

  7. I didn’t sleep well last night as well. Somehow I managed to hit snooze on my alarm, twice - I don’t remember hearing it. I woke in a panic much later than usual.

  8. blocking is a knitting miracle! Love your projects and the progress. I have been walking in between the rain drops.

  9. Your wrap is growing! 'I am reading a book, "the social 1ives of anima1s. We are fina11y done with the insect chapters. I'm ready for mamma1s

  10. The wrap is so intricate and lovely. I'm following its progress with great interest.

    We hit 74 today, but then the rains moved in with lots of wind. I'm glad I got moving early today and fit in a good walk and all my errands before noon. Spring is leaving for at least two weeks, probably more. Sigh.

  11. It's always good to get that second sock on the needles. The Wrap looks lovely. Take good care of your back.

  12. Yay for a second sock! And your wrap looks so pretty - I can't wait to see more.

    I'm glad you're enjoying your books this week. I can't wait to see what you think about Still Life.