Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Unraveled Wednesday April 6, 2022

 Good Morning!

I was happy to make it to the office without getting washed away!  LOL  I woke in the night to heavy rain and it was still coming down when I left my house at 6:40 this morning.  And now at 8:30, it is STILL coming down.  I stopped at the grocery store to pick up fruit, muffins, scones, etc. for the meeting going on and, as the cashier said, better rain than a drought.  Also, better rain than snow.  My drive to the office goes through Valley Forge Park and the creek (I think it's Valley Creek) was roaring and overflowing its banks.  Ponding on the roads.  Looking at my phone, I believe the rain should pretty much be over by 11 a.m.

My PT Evaluation yesterday was ok.  Once again, I am finding that people do not really listen to what you say.  The therapist kept referencing "my pain" even though I said multiple times that I have NO pain.  But, I came away with some exercises I can do twice a day to build my core muscles back up which, in turn, will support my back.  I also got the "go ahead" to schedule a massage.  YAY!!!  I have another PT session this afternoon...I think with a different therapist this time.

All of this brings us to right here, right now.  Unraveled Wednesday!  A round of applause for no unraveling this week.  Of course, I have not done a whole lot of knitting, but I've done some.  First up the Hiking Trail sock for Colin (this is sock #1...still...):

This shot shows 40 rows complete on the foot.  For Colin I usually do 75 rows, so a little ways to go before the toe decreases.  I was able to knit another 5 rows this morning while waking up with my coffee.

Next up is the Guernsey Wrap.

Quite a way to go on this one!  There are 3 charts for this wrap.  Chart A and C are both 78 rows.  Chart B is (I think) 24 rows.  You knit Chart A twice (all 78 rows) and then rows 1-58.  Then you move on and knit chart B - once.  Chart C is also knit twice (all 78 rows) and then rows 1-58 again.  Then you (finally) bind off.  The picture above shows where I am as of last night.  The first 78 rows of Chart A are complete and I am about 5 or 8 rows into the second 78.  This is still a relaxed and easy knit.  And, with only 58 stitches to a row, it goes fairly quickly.  My issue is just finding time to knit!

On the reading front, I am still enjoying Still Life by Sarah Winman.  This is not a quick read for me, but I am enjoying it.  Fletch and I finished Stanley Tucci's "Taste" and we are glad to be done with it!  I started out loving it and then enjoying it and by the last third to quarter of the book I was sick and tired of all the name dropping.  I would have liked more recipes and less about how wonderful he is!  LOL  Our new book for reading after dinner is Teaching a Stone to Talk by Annie Dillard.  I bought this book back in the early 90's, but never read it.  We started the other night, and so far so good - really enjoying.

As usual on Unraveled Wednesday, I'm linking up with Kat and her Merry Band of Unravelers to talk making and reading.  Do head over there to see what everyone is up to - lots of inspiration always.


  1. Here's hoping that the therapist listens to you today. It would make things so much easier, for both of you! Both of you knitting pieces look lovely, and I'll have to look for that Annie Dillard book. I loved Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and this one sounds interesting. Hope you can stay dry today!

  2. Why do they not listen to you? When I was having PT for my back a few years ago, they kept trying to put a tens, (spelling?) unit on my back. This is a definite NO NO for anyone with a pacemaker. Each time I had to tell them. It got very frustrating.
    I hope your rain has stopped by the time you go home. Better rain than drought is right, but too much rain causes trouble too!
    Have a lovely Wednesday Vera.

  3. I think sometimes people are so used to following a certain script with how they normally interact with others that they don't even realize that they're responding in a totally inappropriate or irrelevant way. Anyway, I hope the exercises work and the massage does wonders!

    We had rain here overnight, too, though just a light patter that was relaxing to fall asleep to. We're supposed to have more this evening. April showers, right?

  4. Love that Guernsey wrap!
    I hope the core exercises help. I'm focusing on the core in my workout too since my back makes weird popping noises (but no pain!).
    I listened to the Tucci book (did I tell you this?) and couldn't wait for it to be over. I am generally ok with namedropping but he really did take it to the extreme!

  5. The therapist I had for PT was impatient and almost rude: I had better luck with her assistant. Oddly, the assistant’s sessions were 30minutes, and the therapist’s sessions were 15minutes. I didn’t get my money’s worth out of her “help.” Fingers crossed you find time to knit and stitch today.

  6. It really was raining last night here too. It was coming down in buckets. We even had thunder. A big tree went down out back this morning and scared me to death. It didn't hit anything but what a crash it made.

  7. We keep getting downpours every day--most with impressive thunder and lightening! The knitting and reading sound enjoyable!

  8. The guernsey wrap is going to be beautifu1.

  9. Oh man, I wish you could send some of that rain moja to Nebraska. We have had a little drizzle and could use a steady rain or even downpour. I probably should be careful what I wish for. LOL Your knitting looks great. I love that Guernsey Wrap.

  10. We saw the Perkiomen creek thus afternoon and it was way over its banks.

    Just a thought....the PT person may refer to your pain because if it isn't in the record that you have some pain, insurance may not pay for the PT? Maybe?

  11. Oy... I am sorry for the PT issue. The times I have had PT, I have been fortunate to have therapists who listen (and ask better questions because they listened) I hope today's therapist is one who will listen.

    If poured down rain here all night... it is such a lovely sound, and yes... better rain than snow! :)

  12. I have found that . . . not all PTs are equally helpful. I hope that your next therapist is better! (I like that they usually mix them up. You can learn something different from each one!) I like to read memoirs, but often find that "famous" authors are pretty tone-deaf to their own privilege. I usually do a lot of eye-rolling when I read them. (I much prefer memoirs to people who aren't in the entertainment field. . . )

  13. My experience with PT (and I've had a great deal of it) has been so different. I'm sorry to hear yours has been somewhat negative thus far. I think so many in the medical field are so overscheduled that they have forgotten to focus on each patient as an individual. I'm glad you kept speaking up and advocating for yourself. It's the only way to make sure you get the care you deserve.

  14. I think your knitting projects look so good! I hope Colin and Mailing and the kit kats are enjoying Austin.

    Keep up with the exercises - they make such a difference.

  15. I agree that listening is the best skill and few people have it. I love my new RA doc who does truly listen and she repeats back what she thinks I've said. No miscommunications there. I hope the exercises help you!!