Friday, April 22, 2022

Catching Up on a Friday 4/22/22

 Good Morning and Hello!

After a couple of busy days, I am back and will try to catch up.  I'm moving slowly this morning...sleeping in a bit and just now sipping my first cup of coffee.  

Wednesday with my friend was delightful!  Carol drove up from Elkton and arrived just after 10 a.m.  My goodness we had so many laughs.  For once traffic was her friend and the roads (particularly 95) were not crowded.  She brought way too many gifts for me and Fletch and Mabel too!  I made pineapple and shrimp soft tacos for lunch and some guacamole to go with that.  Yummy!  Too soon it was time to say goodbye.  Carol left around 2:30 and opted to take back roads home.  A longer, but prettier drive.  I was happy to never have once checked work email!

Later, after dinner, Fletch and I had our first fire of the season!

The sky was even a little bit light when we started (just after 8 p.m.) and it was lovely.  We picked songs one at a time from Spotify and just talked and listened to music.  And sipped wine.  Mabel even came around once or twice, but she steered pretty clear of the fire pit!

I didn't sleep all that well Wednesday night and ended up getting up early (5:15 a.m.) Thursday morning.  Really that was ok...Thursdays are my busy report days and I had to leave by 7:30 for PT.  So, I worked for 2 hours and then went to PT.  The session was good, but I could feel it in my back last night - not hurting, just more a tiredness or a tightness or a combination of the two.  Meanwhile, the rest of the day was crazy work-wise.  I had thought I might post and get to reading blogs by the afternoon, but that was not the case.  I will try to catch up today.

My calendar shows one conference call at 11 a.m. and otherwise the day is wide open.  It will be getting warmer.  If I can, I will get out for a walk.  As usual, I am hoping for a quiet day - one where I can fit in reading, knitting and stitching.  Always hopeful, but it doesn't always work out that way.  There are T-bone steaks in the frig and Fletch will be grilling those tonight.  I think I'll roast some Brussels Sprouts and maybe make some smashed potatoes to go with the beef.

And, for your Friday Feline fun, just look at this sweetie:

I call this shot Mabel in the bulrushes - LOL.  Fletch and I spotted her in amongst the plants one afternoon when we were sitting on the patio.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!  I'm looking forward to getting together with Dee tomorrow morning for a Saturday therapy session!


  1. That's a very interesting cat plant you have there! ;-) I hope today is calm and allows you to get caught up on everything so you can have a relaxing weekend.

  2. I love Mabel-in-the-bulrushes! It's so funny when our pets pop out (or just appear) from our plants. I'm so glad you had such a lovely time with your friend. (I kinda knew you would. . . ) Enjoy every moment of your weekend. XO

  3. It's wonderful that you had such a good time with Carol on Wednesday (and I'm glad I wasn't the one driving to and from Elkton)! I'm sorry Thursday was so busy, but after a hopefully slow work day today, your weekend is off to a good start with a great dinner and fun with Dee tomorrow!

  4. Your visit with Carol sounds wonderful albeit brief. I'm glad she had time for a more relaxed and scenic drive out.

    Love that photo of Wild Thing Mabel in her habitat. She's an outdoorsy one.

    Enjoy your time with Dee and a lovely weekend overall.

  5. A sweet photo of Mabel. I’m glad you had a good visit/lunch with your friend and had a break from work, too.

  6. I'm glad you had such a good time with your friend. There is nothing like time with good friends is there? I know tomorrow with Dee will be great too.
    Mabel is so cute in the bushes. I wish I had a cat plant like that. :-)
    Enjoy those steaks tonight. I love a good steak. I must be a Nebraska girl at heart.

  7. I think I missed the window for fires this year. I'm pretty sure the biting bugs have returned for the summer. Ugh. I don't need any mosquito bites on top of the bites I already

  8. Look at miss Mabel!! A ninja cat :) Love the bonfire shots, looks cosy and welcoming~

  9. That sounds like such a perfect day and your time around the fire is how Dale and I love to spend our evenings. I hope you have a great weekend!

  10. So glad you could connect with your friend! What a wonderful way to end your day! sweet Mabel in the bulrushes!

  11. The campfire was a great idea!

  12. Yay for times with good friends and campfires! I hope your weekend was perfect! :)

  13. I am glad you had a good catch-up visit with your friend.