Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Unraveled Wednesday 02/24/21

 Good Morning Everyone!

How are you on this Hump Day?  We had quite a drippy party going on yesterday.  The temps increased and all the ice on the roof (and elsewhere) began to melt and drip, drip, drip.  There is still plenty around and the ground is still snow covered, but there is hope!  Fletch shoveled some snow away from the edge of our patio so he can haul the grill out to cook some steaks tonight!  I'm excited.  Food does that to me.

Yesterday morning was spent on tax stuff (ugh).  But, I managed to get everything together for our accountant.  Today I'm going to head into the office and make copies of stuff and either later today or another day this week I'll drive over to the accountant's office and drop everything off.  It will be good to have that off my plate.  I also managed to clear out a lot of old papers from the filing cabinet which is always quite a chore.  But again - finished!!

Meanwhile, it's Unraveled Wednesday and, as usual, I'm linking up with Kat to talk about making and reading.  I am SO happy to report that the Yule Wave socks are finished - off the needles!

Are they perfect?  No  Do they fit?  Yes  Will I try colorwork again?  Definitely

The "wearing" pics are quite dark - sorry, but you can tell they fit (see my hand weights in the upper picture?  LOL).

These socks seemed to take forever to make.  Of course, I did make 3...the first one being so tight in the colorwork section that I couldn't get it over my instep!  Lesson learned.  I used size 2 needles to knit the socks, but size 3 for the colorwork and that did the trick.  I'm also really, really fond of the two red stripes just before the toe decreases.

A good portion of the week was spent stitching rather than knitting and, as a result of that, the Guernsey Wrap was not even taken out of the project bag.  The Heart Warmer Cowl did see a few more rows added to the Broken Rib section.  I think I have 8 more rows of that and then the smocking section will start.  I'm excited to do that - it's a new stitch to me.

Still loving the yarn and colors in this one.  The Broken Rib section is a bit boring (K1, P1 for one row then knit a row...repeat those two rows 9 more times) and I could fall asleep doing it, but perhaps I can finish that section today.

In the shiny new object department I wound up yarn for my next pair of socks.

Pretty, huh?  The yarn is KnitPicks Stroll and the colorway is "Northern Lights."  I think I've picked out the pattern I want to make (Twinkleberry) which was a free pattern on Ravelry (I don't think it's available now).  I'll modify it to do a normal ribbed cuff, but I like the lace and cables in it.  Hopefully it will work with this yarn.  These will go into the gift box when finished - the colors in the yarn are perfect for a friend of mine.

On the reading front, I finished 4 books this week!!  The one I mentioned in Monday's post (Time for Outrage - 5 stars), and I finished (finally) "Monogamy" by Sue Miller.  I kept thinking it would get better for me, but it never did.  After that I read two quick mysteries (one in the Ohio Amish series by Linda Castillo and the other in the Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James series by Deborah Crombie).  Both of those were read in a couple of days and were a bit of a palette cleanser after Monogamy.  Next up is "Perestroika in Paris" by Jane Smiley which I'm looking forward to.

Time to pour another cup of coffee and pull things together for going into the office.  Wishing you all a wonderful day!


  1. Congratulations on a wonderful pair of socks that look like they fit perfectly! Your cowl looks just as nice, and I'm anxious to see the smocking section, too. That new yarn looks like many of my favorite colors!

  2. Your colorwork socks turned out so nicely, Vera! Bravo! And . . . your perserverance paid off. I'm so glad you didn't give up after the first sock. Hope you enjoy Perestroika in Paris. :-)

  3. Those socks turned out beautifully! I have Monogamy on my "want to read" list, but I fear I would think the same thing you did upon reading it. However, I hope to have Perestroika soon! :)

  4. The socks are perfect! I have had little success with colorwork socks. Even with careful stranding I get them too tight. I've got a gorgeous kit here to make a very nice pair with lots of patterns but I'm too afraid to try it. Now that I have conquered the 9 inch needle I just may give them a try. You give me hope!

  5. Hooray for finished socks! I'm so relieved that they fit you well.

    I'm sorry Monogamy never got any better for you. I could tell reading it that it wouldn't be fore everyone.

  6. The socks are a triumph! I wonder how long it will be before you knit that pattern again. It certainly made a handsome pair.

    The cowl makes a beautiful hat as it is right now. I like the variety of stitching.

    I just finished rereading "Calypso" by David Sedaris as my palate cleanser after "Hamnet". I needed something so totally different, and, indeed, I waited weeks to let that book settle completely even before picking up the Sedaris.

  7. Yay for the socks Vera! Your patience paid off didn't it? Now you need to wear them with shorts so you can show off that pretty colorwork! :-)
    I like the cowl too and the various stitches. It looks really nice with that yarn and I'm looking forward to seeing the smocking.
    I used the "Northern Lights" yarn on a pair of socks and they turned out beautifully. I usually really like Knit Picks colors.
    Take care and enjoy those steaks. I have a couple in the freezer that I should make tonight as we're supposed to get more snow tonight. Grill while the patio is clear! :-)
    Take care.

  8. I love your socks!!! your new yarn is super delightful. And you know I love your heartwarmer :)

  9. After three days of horrific wind, it’s a calm and slightly cloudy day. The last week was full of road closures and blow over risks for high profile vehicles - lots of semis were blown over and caused accidents.

    Love your socks and the cowl. I need to remember to use the stripes before the toe decreases.

  10. Whoot for finishing up on the tax stuff and sorting a file cabinet. Those file cabinets do fill up. I like the socks and the tip on a bigger needle for the colorwork is good one. One of my colorwork challenges is too tight fabric. The new yarn looks pretty.

  11. Excellent finish for your colorwork socks--they are tall and glorious!

  12. I used to read all jane smileys works. I think your socks almost look like you have pretty shoe on your foot.

  13. Bravo on the socks.. they are gorgeous! I also think your cowl is going to be a showstopper. I need to get back to my meadow blanket. It's been a stressful almost 2 weeks for us. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)