Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Tiny Needle Tuesday

 Good Morning!

Thank goodness for a great night of sleep...almost 9 hours!  Really I don't think I had much choice as I was so freakin' tired after the episodes Sunday night - LOL.  Tyg was inside last night, but did not bother me until 5:30 this morning.

Another week has gone by since my last TNT post and a bit of progress has been made.  I don't seem to be stitching this in any particular order - I'm kind of all over the place and just working on what strikes my fancy.

And a close up of what was accomplished this past week,

On the left side, I stitched the cluster of three acorns and a leaf, the yellow leaf to the left of that and the owl (or some bird) underneath.  On the right side I managed to stitch the letter J and the leaf that really looks like a chili pepper.  The dark green motif to the right of the A is a start on a large central motif on the sampler.  Perhaps that motif will be finished by next week.  There is still SO MUCH to be stitched on this piece and luckily it is still holding my interest.  I may work a bit more on it today...or not...

I've decided I do want to cast on for the Guernsey Wrap I plan to make.  But first I need to get an old, partially knit and abandoned sweater off the needles because I need my 32" size 8 circular for the Wrap.  I've been meaning to unravel this sweater for some time, so today is the day.  Most likely I will be holed up in my home office for at least the morning.  I need to stay out of the way!  We have a plumber coming this morning to install a new kitchen sink (Yay!!  Finally a sink large enough to fit my large roasting pan) and faucet and also two new toilets.  Should be a fun morning (not) and a pricey one!  Best if I am out of sight.


  1. I am excited for your new sink! What fun!! I love that Guernsey Wrap... hmmm, I have some natural colored fiber that might just work for that! (and I am so glad you got a good night sleep!)

  2. Great stitching! I'm glad you got some sleep; it is wearing on you to run on empty! How nice to have a new kitchen sink! good for you!

  3. Yay for getting the sink and toilets!!!!

    Steve would love that sampler ....it has a CHILI PEPPER!!! LOL

  4. I also thought it was a chili pepper, but all your stitching looks great! It sounds like a good idea to stay in your office while the plumber is there. The only thing worse than being in the way if a plumber is doing his job is being in the way while John tries to do plumbing.

  5. A Big Day for you and your home! I'd be well out of the way, too. Home improvements are a love/hate thing with me. They're a Hate Thing mostly if Rick is doing them.

    I love the acorns on a branch. Just lovely!

  6. Wow.....that's a lot of new stuff. I can't wait to get my new sink. I really hate my old double bowl one. I can't get any big stuff in it.
    Your Quaker is amazing. It may be slow going but when you see it all together it's very impressive. I just ordered some material to start the Quaker pattern I have had sitting here since last fall.

  7. Few things upset a routine like having workers in the house. I hope all goes smoothly and that by the end of the day, you can enjoy your new sink and toilets. Love the progress you’ve made on the sampler!

  8. There is so much different on your sampler that I would think it would hold interest well. I love the new additions, epecially the leaf(chili pepper).
    Dennis replaced all three toilets at our old house with higher ones with more water force. It made all of the difference in the world. I think a new sink may be one of the first new items at the house. I'm used to one big sink so I can get big pans in. The house has the old double bowled, shallow one.
    Have fun today!

  9. Isn't it funny how in adulthood we can get excited about things like new sinks?

    I think the sampler continues to look lovely and engaging. I think the variety in all the motifs must keep it interesting for you.

  10. I enjoy seeing your progress on the sampler. I think it's going to be pretty amazing when finished. I am jealous of your new sink and 2 toilets. We got a black granite composite sink when we remodeled our kitchen and what a mistake that was. It never looks clean. But my dear spouse hates change (and doesn't want to spend the $$) and will not get on board with getting a new one put in and we also need 2 new toilets and same with them. Sigh. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. A good night's sleep is the best. I hope the plumbing installation came off without a hitch or any water troubles. Seems like everything is pricey these days.