Friday, February 5, 2021


Good Morning!

It is a very relaxed Friday for me.  No conference calls for a change and minimal emails flying about.  Earlier I looked out and it was snowing furiously!  But it only lasted a moment or two - nothing major thank goodness.

Since I knew it would be an easy Friday, I decided to make breakfast for Fletch and me.  Of course, I forgot to take a picture, but I made "Eggs & Shit" (my friend Leslie's name for this dish).  Basically scrambled eggs with whatever is in the frig that you want to toss in.  So, we had some leftover ham, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, tomato.  I forgot the peppers.  And we had toast.  It was very good, but now I am overly full and attempting to digest.

Here is the obligatory Friday Feline picture.

Such a sweet cat...who happened to wake me at 1:30 this morning to go outside!  What is up with that?  And, the picture above was taken after he usurped the chair I had been sitting in.  I sit at the end of the kitchen table to knit and stitch.  The light is good and it's a comfortable spot for me.  But...if Tyg is at the patio door wanting to come in, as soon as I open the door he runs in and jumps up in the chair!

Some knitting was accomplished:

Only 8 more rows or so till it will be time to Kichener up the toe.  I worked on it a little this a.m. with my first cup of coffee and then had to get busy cooking.  I will finish in a little bit.  No rush!  I would like to start the mate to this one sometime today.

Yesterday was a big errand day for me.  And an office day.  Not many in the office (I saw Bill and two others) and I was only there an hour or so.  Then I went to the liquor store where there was only one other customer!.  I needed some birthday cards, and I was the only customer in the Hallmark shop!  On to one grocery store to pick up bird seed and the library which was the busiest!  But, I called from my car and they brought out my book.  I dropped off 3 in their outside bin.

Meanwhile, Fletch has a doctor's appointment this morning and I am going to run to CVS and the grocery store for a few needed things.  Colin & Mailing are coming for dinner tomorrow and there are a few ingredients I am missing for the dish I'm making (red beans and rice - a New Orleans/Mardi Gras dish).  Also another stop at the library as I received notice that a book is in for me (Monogamy by Sue Miller).

So many folks out there have been working on puzzles...and we have been too!  We finished this one last night.  It's big (1,000 pieces and just about covers the card table).

All different patches/stamps of National Parks.  Fun to do.  This puzzle also had letters on the back - A through F - each letter representing a section of the if you got stuck you could look at the letter on the back and see if you were even trying to fit it in at the right place.  Sort of like cheating in my book!

And that's a wrap for my Friday.  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend - enjoy!


  1. It sounds like a welcome slow Friday after a busy Thursday. I was surprised to wake up to two more inches of snow on the ground but that's nothing compared to what we got previously. The sun may even be trying to come out. I don't have any libraries open for real books, but I'm able to get plenty of digital copies to read. Enjoy your well-deserved weekend!

  2. That's my kind of puzzle! I like the ones that have different motifs to work. I get bored with one scene.
    I play the kitty game all day too but I have two that do that and it's getting insane. I think they plan it so as soon as I sit down they have to go out or come in. At least all that up and down action is good exercise.

  3. You are one busy lady. I can't imagine that many errands. My one trip out this week was to the post office. I go nowhere except to walk Chloe and a grocery pick-up every two weeks. What will it be like to be back to normal and go INTO stores and restaurants. Will we ever feel completely safe again?
    Your little fur baby has you figured out doesn't he? Run in and get in her chair that is all warmed up! :-)
    Have a great day Vera.

  4. Tyg knows!! Haha. I've never heard of a "cheater puzzle" before! That one looks cool. Have a great weekend Vera!

  5. Of course Tyg jumps in your chair. You prewarmed it!!! LOL

    Have fun with the kids tomorrow.

  6. You really get around! My husband is so worried about me contracting c-19 that he insists on doing most errands and wants me to stay home and safe. Finally I get cabin fever and insist on at least driving him around. Enjoy your kids over for dinner. Having lived in Louisiana for 5 years your meal sounds delish. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. What a great puzzle. I haven't worked one for awhile. The socks are coming along. It's fun to see your progress. Have a good weekend.

  8. Today was my errand day: I’m getting pretty good above quickly finding things on my shopping list and exiting the store in less than eight minutes. Love the puzzle and the photo of Tyg. That rascal needs to occupy himself until you wake up on your own. Have a good weekend.

  9. Hello
    Cute capture of TYG, he looks so comfy. Your sock is pretty, I like the colors. I would like to work on the puzzle, I love all the national parks. Where did you buy the puzzle? Take care, have a happy weekend!

  10. What a fun puzzle! (sans the coding... what? lol) I hope your weekend is the opposite of your errand filled Friday!

  11. Even with Cheats, I'm not a puzzle person. However, it's been a very long time since I tried one, so who knows?

    I love cats all curled and cozied like that. No one (and nothing) can abandon themselves so completely to rest and relaxation like a cat.

  12. That looks like a fun puzzle! We are a puzzling family, though we usually do them while we're on vacation in December (and some of us have been known to get hooked and stay up late working on them). The national parks one you did looks like a lot of fun!

    I think Tyg was doing a great job of looking adorable so that you weren't *too* mad about him waking you up so early.

  13. Nice to have a bit of normalcy, right?! The puzzle looks like it took a long time! Wish I could talk Bill into doing one with me!

  14. you have been so busy! Stay safe and enjoy your dinner.

  15. Oh i like the National Park puzzle very much! I tried to do a computer puzzle from Eastside cats last night. I could see someone did it in 12 minutes and while I was loving it, I was past 33 minutes and gave up. It is fun that puzzles have come back during the pandemic.