Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Mid-Week Post

Hi All,


Mid-Week!  And August!! 


Not much to show today as not much knitting and no stitching has taken place this week.  I did manage to start another square on the blanket, but I only got about 8 rows done yesterday.


So, how about some lovely vegetation photos?  Here are my eggplants!  I have two plants in this small, old cast iron kettle and they are thriving.  I’m excited.  Can’t wait to use some of these on pizza (I grill or broil sliced eggplant with EVOO and S&P and then put on pizza – heavenly.



And here is my fig tree, or as I call it, Figgy.  I love figs.  A few years back Fletch gave me a fig tree at Christmas.  Our climate here isn’t warm enough to keep a fig tree outside year round (unless we wrapped it, etc. which I am not going to do).  We thought this one would be perfect as it was supposed to start producing fruit once it got to be a foot high.  3 or so years later and definitely more than a foot high, but no fruitL  And, it is getting big/heavy to move outside in the Spring and back inside once the temps cool.  But, it is a pretty plant.



That’s about it for me.  It has been a crazy morning at work, and our internet was down until just a few minutes ago.  I’d best get cracking as I’ve got things to do.  Hope everyone is having a good week.


  1. I love fresh figs, too, and can't find them at any local grocery here. It's like living in a hole.

    The Amish stand right outside our lakehouse has eggplants for 39 cents apiece, no matter the size. Can't beat that. Why haven't I ever put them on a pizza?! You're smarter than I am.

  2. Your eggplants are beautiful; I love the color and your pizza will taste great! My sil also had a fig tree that was slow to bear fruit. She had to wait ~7 years and put the plant on a tray with wheels so she could roll it in and out, but last year she told it it would be tossed on the compost pile if it didn't produce, and this year she's got figs!

  3. I miss my fig tree so much. I did what you did at first. I kept it in a pot and then it got too big so I planted it over at my Mom's where it grew to be a monster in her sun filled yard. Come September, it was always covered in figs. I miss making my fig jam. It was really yummy.

  4. Oh look at the fig tree!! Those eggplants are so beautiful I didnt know they grew like that. I dont think I ever thought about it. Lovely photo

  5. Fresh figs are mighty tasty!

    We like grilled eggplant with balsamic vinegar and basil on a pizza.

    ... and now I'm hungry.

  6. I love egplant...not sure I've had on pizza...must give that a try. Probably, when you least expect it, your Fig Tree will redeem itself! And won't that be a delightful surprise!

  7. Put the fig tree pot on wheels to make transporting it inside easier. 😉

  8. I used to have a fig tree . . . for several years . . . and I loved it. But, eventually, it succumbed to my neglect. :-) Aren't eggplant blossoms the most lovely blossoms ever??? :-)

  9. I learned something today .... we have FIG trees in our neighborhood. I recognized the leaves from your photo.

  10. I am growing two figs trees, I planted this year, one in a pot and one in the garden, both of which I will wrap and leave out this winter. I live in PA probably about one hour from you. Will wait and see how they do.

  11. The fig tree is pretty! Our internet was out today for several hours and it was such an odd feeling being cut off!