Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Mess, A Start (2), and Falling Behind

Hello All,


How are you on this gloomy (in Eastern PA) Tuesday?  Somehow the weekend got away from me and work is continuing to be busier than usual.  Yesterday was a mess!  When I got home last night at 9 after yoga, I finally looked at some blogs on my phone.  Reading Dee's Blog blog, I realized I have done NOTHING for the I Fall KAL – NOTHING!!  Well, I did pick out my yarn, and I know I’m knitting Nutkin, but nothing else.  Like Dee, I will be pulling together a little give-away for those participating, but for now that will have to be a secret (even from me – lol).


Despite the weekend zooming by, I did manage to get a couple of items started.  First up the Close to You shawl:



But then last night (again after yoga when I was really too tired to see), I pulled it out and started knitting and this is what happened:



I had wound the yarn into a center pull ball and a HUGE knot came out.  So now I have to spend time trying to separate that mess and then I will re-wind the yarn into just a ball (no center pull).  I hope I can do this.  I am loving the yarn (so soft!  Gorgeous color!), and now that I’ve switched to my wooden circular needle, the shawl is much easier to knit.


Friday night I made a start on the other socks I will be knitting – Charade.



This is the Scottish wool my friend got at a yard sale and the color is Blue Tweed.  It is looking like a dark speckled yarn and I am loving it.  I have enough yarn that I will be making these socks much longer than normal, but the pattern is an easy one to memorize and quick to knit.  Hopefully they won’t take me all Fall to complete!


Our shish kabob dinner with Colin and Mailing on Saturday was great and the strawberry shortcake was yummy.  It was cool enough that we had another fire in the pit and I actually had a sweatshirt on!  It was chilly.  Sunday I made gazpacho with garden tomatoes, cukes, onions, peppers and garlic.  We added cold shrimp to it:



Sunday I snuck in another walk along the canal.  There were a ton of people out and about – both on the trail (running, biking, walking) and on both the river and canal (kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, rafting, fishing).  It was a crowded place!  I was having a terrible time on my way back to the car – nose running and eyes watering – there had to be something in the air.  I saw a lot of gold finches feeding on seeds from wild flowers and then came across this bird on the other side of the canal:



At first I thought it was a cormorant (which would have been weird in our area), but I’m not sure.  I wasn’t able to see his/her feet.  The picture isn’t the greatest – hard to do a distant shot with my phone.  But look at that beak!


So, that’s it for moi.  I’ve got a very busy week at work and am looking forward to a nice, long weekend with (hopefully) lots of knitting.  Colin and Mailing are going away, so Fletch and I will be on cat duty – going up to their place twice a day to feed and play with Marcel and Talbot.


What are you all up to?


  1. Stupid busy work getting in the way of things you really want to do! I'm glad there's a long weekend coming up for some nice, relaxing knitting time on those lovely projects. They are both beautiful, and your gazpacho looks absolutely delicious!

  2. Naughty yarn! I have had that happen when I have wound lace weight yarn and it's a nightmare. That huge yellow pi shawl I just finished had a mess in the middle and I had to unwind and detangle at every sitting because I didn't want to break the yarn on something so thin.
    Your soup looks so yummy. Your posts always make me so hungry!

  3. That sure looks like a cormorant (or anhinga) to me. The tail is what made me think so.

    Sorry about the yarn barf. Hopefully that is settled out by now.

  4. Yarn barf is frustrating to work around. I'm sorry you had to frog your project.

    The gazpacho looks quite yummy!

  5. Oh ugh on that yarn barf! Hope you got it all straightened out!

  6. Way to go withthe yard sale find! Cool bird find. I.d is sometimes difficult. I have a friend who is really good and I can send him a photo and he usually can tell me.
    I figured out my DEE plan for the Fall. I ordered my yarn and pattern . I have to get some beads though. Im excited for the KAL. Plans: The county fair!

  7. even though you are busy you are quite productive in the knitting arena! Let's hope the week slows down for you :) I'm working on a sweater and a shawl.

  8. You've certainly got a lot going on! I hope things settle down a bit for you . . . so you have time for all that knitting you have planned. (And that yarn really is a lovely color!)