Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Unraveled Wednesday 8-30-17

Good Morning All,

Wow!  August 30th!  hard to believe.  Linking up with Kat and friends for another Unraveled Wednesday.  Yes, there was unraveling this week...fortunately not knitting, but yarn.  The yarn mess I showed yesterday was successfully re-wound (into a regular ball...not a center pull).  It took a bit of time last night, but not as long as I feared it might.

Look at how nicely it matches my tablecloth - lol.  So, the yarn was re-wound, but no knitting was done after that.  I'm afraid my eyes were shot.

This morning I managed about 5 more rows on my Charade socks before I had to run out the door to work.

Still reading "The Summer Before the War" by Helen Simonson.  It's dragged a bit in parts, but overall is ok.  I'm about 3/4 of the way through and need to get it done as a few more books came through on Overdrive.

Another busy day at work, so I need to get going.  What are you all up to?


  1. Good for you winning the yarn battle!
    I listened to Summer Before the War last summer and it did drag. I finished it but I can honestly say I don't remember a thing about it-it was that unmemorable.

  2. I am impressed with the way you coordinated your knitting, tablecloth, and coffee cup! That really is beautiful yarn and I'm glad you got it untangled and wound. I look forward o seeing the loveliness grow!

  3. Knitting should be easy now that the yarn has been tamed.

    Today, a friend and I are going on a foundry tour. I've been looking forward to this for a long time.

  4. I'm finishing up a re-read of one of my many Lincoln books as I try to get my brain back into reading. Still a struggle.

    The sun has decided to show up here after being absent for days. Maybe I'll get a little front porch knitting accomplished today AFTER the grocery store. Ugh.

  5. Glad you got your misbehaving yarn back in order.

  6. I do think we subconsciously pick colors from our surroundings. Not surprised by your table cloth and yarn match
    Today: Going to the county fair! My Cream Puff awaits me! WHEEEEEEE
    Praying for the flood victims

  7. Good for you for defeating the yarn mess!

    I'm trying to not kill anyone today. So far, so good.

  8. Yarn can be the most beautiful and yet ornery for tangles-go figure! Glad you conquered!

  9. I really enjoyed knitting Close To You!

  10. you're all matchy matchy today in your post. Glad you took control of the yarn mess!

  11. I loved that book, but I did it through Audible. Knitting while listening get you through any slow parts!

  12. I love crocheting, but the yarn mess always drive me crazy...

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