Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wednesday, Unraveled, 8-23-17

Hello All,

Here we are mid-week and time for Unraveled Wednesday.  Joining Kat and friends.  I will admit to a bit of unraveling this week....

Monday morning I had a surprise e-mail around 9:00 telling us that we were free to leave around Noon that day if we wanted to for the Eclipse.  I did not need to read that twice - lol.  By the time I got home it was very overcast.  I cast on Close to You and knit some rows.  Fletch had the TV on and we were watching the Eclipse that way.  We did end up going outside around 2:30 and just at the crucial moment (around 2:43 p.m.) the clouds parted and we were able to see the crescent sun (where I am the Eclipse was at ~ 80%).  That was cool.  It did get quiet (no bird chatter), but it did not get as dark as I had anticipated (maybe because it was so overcast to begin with), and we did not notice any drop in temperature.  After that I promptly took a nap!  Got up, dressed for yoga and went out the door.  When I got home I picked up my knitting again and discovered a huge mistake...everything came out.  Luckily I had only knit 15 rows or so, so not a big deal.  Here is the yarn from Wandering Cat - Val that I am using:  Fluffy Cat Lite in the color Grenache.  So soft...

I've brought it to work today and hope to cast on at lunch.  Hoping...I've got another busy day in front of me.

Monday I mentioned that I had pulled yarn for other projects.  First up, I plan to knit a new pair of socks.  Pattern:  Charade - a free pattern on Ravelry.  Years ago a friend of mine went to a yard sale and bought 12 skeins of this yarn for $1.00!!  It is from Scotland and 100% wool.  I thought that it would make some nice Fall/Winter socks.

I have yet to cast on....

Finally, if you have read Dee's Blog you know that we are doing a KAL beginning on September 1st.  I will be knitting Nutkin - another freebie on Ravelry.  I've chosen KnitPicks Stroll tweed in the color Autumn Heather:

I think these socks will be beautiful!  Won't you join us?

During the past week I only managed to add two more squares to my cozy blanket:

Both squares (upper left green & black and upper right aqua, cream and a bit of purple) come from more Wandering Cat yarn.  Some months ago I bought a sampling of Val's yarns - all mini skeins wound up.  The colors are such fun and I'm having a good time figuring out where to put them in the blanket.

So, that's it for the knitting.  I have been reading, but nothing fits in any square on my Bingo card.  That's ok though, I'm enjoying the books and that's what counts.  Last night I finished Peony by Pearl S. Buck.  I can't believe I had never read anything by her.  I want to read The Good Earth next.  I am in the midst of The Year Before the War by Helen Simonson and am enjoying that too.  And, I have a number of books I'm waiting for on Overdrive - hopefully they won't all come in at once.

The garden is continuing to produce.  Our lettuce finally gave up the ghost (it lasted really long this year) and the spinach seeds Fletch planted for a Fall crop have not come up.  But, we are harvesting potatoes, a few last (small) onions and tomatoes...lots of tomatoes.  I'm having them every day for lunch and often dinner too.  I've made Tomato Jam which is delicious - more like a chutney or very thick catsup, and am thinking of making some gazpacho this weekend.

That is an Anaheim Chili Pepper in the foreground from our garden and two small spaghetti squash from our neighbor Rob.    The basket is full of potatoes and the last few onions.

Well, that's it for this Unraveled Wednesday.  What are you up to?


  1. yay for early dismissal! more knitting time, right? that is how I would interpret it. Lovely knitting and a new scrappy blanket!!

  2. You are busy, busy, so I'm glad you got an eclipse break and got to see it (along with some knitting and yoga)! All of your yarn is quite lovely, and you're going to have some great knitting ahead, as well as great eating from the garden. Enjoy!

  3. Many businesses here closed an hour for the total eclipse which I thought was good for their employees since we're in the path of totality.

    I love the Scotch yarn - it will make fabulous socks.

  4. I'm thinking about casting on that Close to You shawl and my yarn would be just about the same color as yours. (I finally gave up on Ashton .........too complicated for this stressed out brain.)

    Love the yarn you chose for Nutkin. I haven't chosen mine yet, but I will soon.

  5. OH Im going to love your sock a long. Great colors

  6. Thanks for reminding me I need to pick out my yarn for the KAL. September is right around the corner now!

  7. Wow, you have all kinds of projects lined up to keep you busy! I'm working on a baby blanket now for my son's friend's upcoming baby. I'm glad they gave you the day off and you got to see the eclipse. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. So sorry about the unraveling. I do quite a bit of it, too, and it's always frustrating to lose time!
    Thanks for mentioning the KAL. I missed that post on Dee's blog somehow. I'll have to go through my stash when I get home.

  9. Love seeing all your projects. My son was quite excited about the eclipse and set things up so we could see it outside. it definitely got darker (we were about 70%) and cooler in the sun. The light looked so eery -- almost yellow. It was very cool, even if it was only 70%.

  10. Enjoy the Fluffy cat. It's one of my faves!

  11. I'm glad you got a glimpse of the eclipse! Nice!
    The KAL will be just what we need to transition to the Fall together! Nice score on the woolen yarn! Enough for a sweater?

  12. Looks like you've got some really lovely knitting queued up! So glad you had a surprise afternoon off. That's always the best kind of work day . . .

  13. All beautiful yarns! The grenache does look exactly like grenache wine.