Monday, August 7, 2017

Weekend Walks and Two Surprises!!

Hi All,


Tis a grey, rainy day here and I’m wishing I were still home in bed listening to the rain and dozing.  Ha!  But reality is here and I’ve got a busy day ahead of me.  I had intended to write this post Sunday evening but I got lazy instead.


The first surprise came on Friday afternoon.  Fletch and I were enjoying beverages on the patio before dinner and noticed a new bloom by a tree in our backyard.



So pretty!  A hollyhock.  Fletch had planted some seeds several years ago and then promptly forgot about them.  There are now 3 open blooms and many more buds.


Saturday morning I took a nice hour-long walk along the canal and Schuylkill River in the Phoenixville area.  First up:  Fungus!!



I love all different types of fungi.  They can be so pretty.  I also saw a new (to me) flower:



Don’t know what it is, but I love that its leaves are fern-like.  Very small and delicate.


This is one of my favorite spots on the opposite side of the canal.  Wouldn’t you love to have a drink by the water and just sit and knit?  Or read…or dream.  I imagine it might get buggy at times, but it is such a tranquil setting.  To the right, just out of the picture is a hammock strung between trees.



There were a few people kayaking on the canal, lots of geese and then these guys:



The next surprise came when I dove into my yarn stash.  I moved some things around and discovered (another) bag full of yarn…put that away and came across a tiny bag that I almost threw out.  Luckily I opened it up and found:



Cute stitch markers I had bought back in the Spring when I went to the Steel City Fiber Festival.  I had completely forgotten about these.  The one on the right is a little bird - so sweet!!  I also found a list of events that one of the vendors at Steel City will be attending and saw that they will be at the Phoenixville Farmers Market next Saturday.  I will HAVE to check it out!


I took another, longer, walk on Sunday afternoon.  Again along the Schuylkill River, but this time in the Oaks area.  Part of the walk involved a little bit of a detour off into the woods:



Guess the storms we had last week were stronger than I realized!  I came upon trees across the trail twice.  Then, towards the end of my walk I came across this:



I’ve noticed a few trees that are already beginning to show signs of Fall, but look at this leaf!  So red, so pretty.  I am ready for Fall!  In fact, I’ve requested time off in October for a camping trip with Fletch.


All in all, it was a beautiful, nice weekend.  I did not get very much knitting done, but I relaxed and enjoyed life!


Hope everyone has a beautiful week.


  1. I Love holly hock. A red leaf ...NO not ready

  2. I've noticed that the evenings and early mornings are starting to "smell" a bit like Fall, but a red leaf is clear sign it's on its way. I'll welcome cooler days, but I definitely don't welcome the white stuff - yet.

  3. Relaxing and enjoying is just what the weekend is for, and you did it so well! I love hollyhocks. My grandmother used to grow them by her barn in all colors, and then let us pick some and make dolls with them. She's the one who also taught me to make daisy chains and acorn tea sets.

  4. The flower looks like Cassia fasciculata or Partridge-pea.

    I will be so jealous of your walks when fall finally does arrive. That was always my favorite time of year back in PA.

  5. It's a holiday here, so as I write this, I'm sitting with the back door open, listening to the rain and some far away thunder. It's lovely.

    You've got some great areas for walks!

  6. Your weekend sounds and looks lovely. Isn't it nice when you can just enjoy those two days?

  7. What a pretty place! I am sooooo happy to see that red leaf. I am ready for cooler temps and less bugs!!!!

  8. Your weekend was filled with a lot of treasures ...thank you for sharing them. The stitch markers are indeed a charm; I think I love the autumn leaf, the best! My favorite season.

  9. it looks like autumn is coming ... soon!! that canal view is amazing - I'd love to sit there with you for a little knitting.

  10. Lots of fun surprises. My favorite is the Hollyhock. I just love them!

  11. Nice stitch markers! Don't you love when you come across something you totally forgot about? Nice walks too!

  12. Beautiful scenes for walking-I love the fungus-have you ever tried drawing on them?
    Hollyhocks; I used to have a wall of them at my old NY farm house!
    We are noticing signs of Fall here in Central NY also!

  13. I love finding wildflowers on my walks! Thanks for sharing all your "finds" with us. XO

  14. What a lot of interesting pictures! It's been cool here in the evenings already--so autumnal. I know it's a cheat; lots of August left, and September is often hot as well. But we'll enjoy it while it lasts.

  15. I love that you forgot about the stitch markers (HOW?) and then was surprised to find them and be thrilled all over again. We have small little yellow leaves dropping and they delight me :)