Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Hi Everyone,

The rain has stopped and the sun is trying to come out.  AND...my swap package from Kathy B arrived!  I have been spoiled rotten and I love it - lol.  Sorry the pictures are such crap - I quickly took them last night before running out to yoga and didn't look at them till now (when I am at work and the lovely presents are at home).

So happy that Kathy sent me one of the felted bags she has come across...she knew I had been drooling over the one she sent to Nancy!  But there's more!  Sweet note cards, a darling stocking key chain that she knit (I may save this for my Christmas Tree though...) a lovely sachet of lavender which has already been tucked away in the chest where I keep (most of) my yarn and gorgeous scissors (and she didn't even know that I have a scissor collection!!).

The felted bag will work beautifully as a sock project bag...or a bag to store knitterly things in...it would even work as a little lingerie bag when I travel.  The scissors don't show up in the pic above (everything is such lovely shades of lavender and deep purple), so here is a shot of them:

A Seahorse!!!  These are perfect for my sampler stitching.

Kathy - thank you so much for 1) organizing the swap and 2) sending me such perfect surprises.  I love everything.  And...your package will be going out today (probably UPS from work because I can't escape to get to the post office...).

Meanwhile, I'm moving slowly this morning - last night's yoga class was a real workout.  There were just 3 of us in the class (the past two weeks there have only been 2 of us!!).  It's like having private lessons.

Finally, Tyg brought a bird into the house this morning.  Oy!  It was still a little dark outside when I opened the door to let him in.  He did not go directly to his food which is unusual, but ran into the bathroom.  Sometimes he does that when he wants the water turned on to drink from the faucet, so I followed him in and there on the floor was a bird (dead, luckily).  I so hate this part of having an outdoor cat.  I know it's only natural, but I would prefer not to see it.  I scooped up Tyg and put him outside then got a ton of paper towels and a bag and disposed of the poor little bird (I think it was a sparrow - I tried not to look too closely).  When Tyg came back in he was going crazy trying to find his prize.

So, I need to practice my yoga breathing and calm down a bit.  And I need to get back to my work...another busy day.

Have a great week!


  1. I'm glad you have lovely swap gifts and yoga breathing to concentrate on instead of Tyg's present. Definitely not a nice way to start your morning and I hope today gets better!

  2. Fantastic swap surprises! I don't think I've ever seen a seahorse on scissors - only storks.

  3. You are so welcome! ! Loved swapping with you.
    As for Tyg, I threaten to brush my cat's teeth when they carry the dead. Ugh. BUt it is their nature. Hugs to you . . Hope you have some quiet in the rest of THIS day!

  4. Poor birdies ... but, yes, that's what cats do. We certainly lost our share of lizards when Giroux had access to the screened in porch.

    Your swap package looks lovely and that purple pair of scissors will make stitching so much more fun.

  5. Deep breathing is a very handy skill for so many things! ...and I've never seen seahorse scissors; they're delightful!

  6. Oh what a fun package! I love getting swap boxes in the mail.

    Tyg is probably still trying to figure out what happened ...

  7. Great scissors!

    Poor Tyg! You stole his kill! :D

  8. Nice goodies from Kathy! I love those little scissors. I am obsessed by them and have bought myself quite a few in the past months.
    Poor birdie. My outdoor kitties do the same. I hate it but I do appreciate the war on the mice. My house had a real issue until they all came along.

  9. yoga is so so so good for us. I'm once again doing my routine in the morning before the sun rises and I get such a great workout in 15 minutes :) Sorry about the bird but he is doing his job.

  10. Tyg is a Mighty Hunter! How lucky for you that he is sharing his kill with you--that means that you are part of his Pride.

    Sigh. The Housekeeping part.

    What a fun surprise package; all the gifties look useful and perfect for you. And "knitterly"!

  11. What a fun package! This will certainly give you smiles forever!

  12. Delightful swap prizes. Enjoy and use in the best of health. I think I'd have fainted at finding Tyg's prize. YeeK!