Monday, August 14, 2017

Back to Work

Hi All,

Well, my weekend flew by!  And now I'm back in the office.  So soon!  This promises to be a busy week:  yoga tonight, a work dinner at my boss' house tomorrow night, another work dinner here Wednesday night (and I have to stick around until the caterers come back to clean up), meetings all day Wednesday and Thursday, and (finally) a massage Thursday night.  I'll be more than ready for that by the time Thursday rolls around.

Even though it went quickly, the weekend was nice.  Friday night we had pizza with eggplant, green peppers and tomato from the garden.

That's Trader Joe's ready-made pizza crusts which are SO GOOD (and cheap) and easier than their dough (which is what I used to use).  There was more stuff on the pizzas - sliced garlic, mushrooms and pepperoni on one for Fletch.  Oh, and mozzarella.  This is the green pepper Fletch picked from the garden - he thinks it's the nicest bell pepper he ever grew!

Saturday I was up early.  Thinking of Honore, I wrote this Haiku:

Hummingbirds fly by
The sun is just coming up
My MSQ time

Fletch and I went to a local farmer's market which was packed and had delicious veggies, but we didn't get anything since I won't be home to cook for the next 4 nights.  It was fun to wander around though.

I cooked up some green beans from the garden for dinner along with an acorn squash and a meatloaf (not my favorite, but I was trying to make things where there would be plenty of leftovers for Fletch during the week).  I also made drinks for us:

Lemon sorbet, blueberries, vodka and ice blended up.  Oh my!  Very, very refreshing.
Sitting on the patio, we noticed how many leaves have fallen from our apple tree. 

It's looking like Fall!  No other trees are losing their leaves yet, so it's kind of strange.  And there are lots of apples, but they are only about 1/3 of the normal size.  I think we'll just let the deer have them this year.  It would be a pain in the butt to peel, core and cut up enough of these to make a decent amount of applesauce .  And our grass is so green!  Normally by this time of year it is looking brownish and not so pretty.  We've had plenty of rain to keep it nice looking.

Saturday afternoon late, while I was inside doing food prep, Fletch was sitting on the patio and saw an owl fly by at the edge of our woods!   He is pretty sure it was a Great Horned Owl.  I'm so disappointed to have missed it.

Sunday I managed to get in a walk along the river.  Surprisingly I saw no one kayaking or canoeing or floating on the water.  It was a beautiful day, so I'm not sure where everyone was.  There were fewer people on the trail too.  Luckily the park rangers had been out and cleared the fallen trees off the path.  There were plenty of these guys around:

The blue on the wings was so beautiful.  The underside of the wings had no blue, but orange dots instead.  I'm not sure what type of butterfly this is, but it was gorgeous.

A little knitting was done over the weekend - another square on the blanket and about 15 rows on the sock.  Not a lot, but progress is steady, even if slow.  And I finally finished A year of Living Danishly.  Some parts were interesting to me, but overall the author's writing style just irritated/bored me.

Well, as the TV commercial used to say:  "Time to make the donuts."  I'd best get to work.  Hoping everyone has a wonderful week.


  1. That is a darn nice pepper! (I'm glad someone else likes to take pictures of their lovely vegetables.) It's almost a shame to eat it, but your pizzas look delicious!

  2. That pizza looks great. I'm going to have to look for the Trader Joe's crusts.

  3. Oh the vodka was the perfect ingred!!
    Our apples are for the animals too. I hope to bring a few to the barn though

  4. Apples are so so early this year! We're taking advantage of a bountiful (and delicious) peach crop in NEO.

    Gorgeous pizza. And a lovely bell pepper to be sure. Did your drink give you a brain freeze? It would have me, since I'd have wanted to guzzle it down immediately. MMmmmm.

  5. I think your butterfly is a Red-spotted purple butterfly

    I had a lovely yellow swallowtail float through the yard on Saturday, but it just wouldn't land and I couldn't get a decent picture.

  6. Kudos to Fletch for the bell pepper success. The pizza looks delicious.

    Your week is definitely going to be a busy one. I hope all the events go smoothly.

  7. I thought The Year of Living Danishly started out okay, but she got really whiny, critical and snarky as the book went on.

    All those hygge books start out okay ........I think it's the authors jumping on a bandwagon (in this case, hygge) and trying to whip out books before the trend moves on to something else.

    Hope you have a good (in spite of the busy) week.

    Hugs from way down here in the southland. ;-)

  8. Oh my, that pizza looks delicious! I wish there was a Trader Joe's close by! Also, that drink... sounds terrific!!

  9. Ditto what Vicki said - TJ's is just not convenient around here and that pizza looks so good! love all the greens from your walk yesterday. Good luck with the week - it does sound a little hectic!

  10. That pizza looks so good!!!!! As does that drink. Mmmm....

  11. my grocery store carries a similar crust and I buy them when they are half off and freeze them. Love that you had a good time and you sound rested. I love that Fall is showing its beautiful self!!!

  12. I can tell I'm behind in commenting when I'm commenting on a Thursday for a Monday post. Yikes! Hope you've been having a good week! The pizza looks so good!