Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse Monday!!

Happy Eclipse Day!  I’m at work and I don’t have Eclipse Glasses anyway…but I imagine it will be pretty dark outside even though we are only having a partial eclipse here.  Pretty cool.  I heard on the radio that the last total solar eclipse was 99 years ago!


I managed to survive my busy week last week.  The summer has been so slow, it was strange to have a week where I was going non-stop for 10-12 hours per day.  The meetings went well and everyone had a good time.


The weekend was more than welcome.  We noticed that our Hibiscus is finally blooming!  It is really short this year – only 2 feet high or so, but the blooms are gorgeous.



Friday I was pretty lazy, but miracle of miracles, on Saturday I managed to FINALLY finish those pesky socks that have been on the needles since April (what??).



I love them.  The colors are so gorgeous.  Usually I don’t block socks, but these were very tight and the blocking worked perfectly.  The yarn is Black Bunny Fibers 100% wool in the color Estuary.  I used size 1 needles and the pattern is Spring Socks Orla.


Once these were finished, I pulled out all my sock yarn and picked out skeins for two new pairs of socks.  Yes, two.  But, in my defense, one pair will not be started until September 1st.  Have you all popped over to Dee's Blog blog to see her announcement of the KAL we are having for Nutkin?  Won’t you join us?  You know you want to be one of the Cool Folks!!


I’ll show the yarns I picked out later – forgot to take a picture.  I also picked out yarn for a new shawl cast-on.  I will be making Close to You in Fluffy Cat Lite yarn from Wandering Cat Yarns.  The color is Grenache.  Again a picture later.  I haven’t started it yet, but it came along to the office today and I’m hoping to cast on at lunch.


Saturday night we finally watched “A Man Called Ove.”  That was one of my favorite books from last year.  The movie did not disappoint.  It stayed true to the book and was a good watch.


This weekend was the Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival.  There is a Rails-to-Trails path that goes right past the back side of the Old Pool Farm where the Festival is held.  In prior years we have ridden our bikes, but this year we decided to walk.  We parked at Spring Mountain and from there it is only a 20 minute walk to the Festival.  Lots of joggers, walkers, dogs, bikers, etc. on the path.  It was a gorgeous day Sunday – low humidity and lower temps – only 82 or so.  The Perkiomen Creek flows by the trail and we saw Mud Turtles basking in the sun



One was huge!  But I couldn't zoom in that close with my phone.  We sat on a bench for 10 minutes or so and listened to some of the music and then continued our walk.  At one point we stopped to rest and have lunch.



The path wanders through some cute villages/small towns and at times there are some interesting old buildings.



We spotted this – not sure what this hopper was used for, but there are old train repair places along the way, so it may be related to that.


We turned around and walked back to the Festival area stopping again to listen to music.  Lots of hammocks in the woods, lots of tie-dyed clothing and plenty of weed being passed around.  A mini Woodstock!  We ended up walking about 4 miles total which felt great.


We ended the weekend by watching the 1st episode in the new season of Endeavour – good to have that back again.


Hoping you all had a great weekend as well.  I’m looking forward to an easier week this week and yoga tonight.


  1. Hooray for your Finish! It really was a gorgeous weekend, wasn't it? I did a little knitting, too, but am far from finishing anything. As usual.

    Good for you, signing right up again for more sock work. (It's like you Have A Problem...!)

  2. Sounds like a great (and productive) weekend! Your socks are beautiful and I'm impressed with your future knitting plans. I haven't been to the Folk Festival since I was a teenager, but it doesn't sound like it's changed at all. Happy Eclipse!

  3. Kudos on he finished socks, and for selecting yarn for two more pair.

    Walking the trail, listening to music, and seeing some wildlife would make for a perfect day.

  4. I love your socks. THey look great. So April to August ..I've done worse! The music sounded great. You deserved a great weekend!

  5. That Close To You shawl went RIGHT INTO my queue.

    Your walking/biking trail sounds wonderful. Once it cools off a bit here, we'll be seeing if there are any trails in our county (Duval).

  6. I've knit that shawl-twice ; you will enjoy it!
    The walking trail looks like a great afternoon! (so is your selfie!)
    Yay on the socks-very nice!!!

  7. What a fun trail to have nearby! It sounds like you had a relaxing weekend -- complete with finished socks. Good for you!

  8. You are so lucky to be able to have a hibiscus outside in your area! I have to keep mine inside over the winter. Your socks are impressive! I keep trying to talk myself into knitting a 2nd pair. LOL! Enjoy your changing season there. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Great socks Vera and I have had that shawl in my library for sometime, I need to make it. I missed the eclipse here because of work although it did get dimmer for a bit. Hugs.

  10. Love the photo of your socks...and all the other very interesting tidbits you shared in this post. I didn't like/nor have I finished A Man Called Ove - wonder if I'd like the movie? I need to give it a try...the book is on my list to finish for Summer Book Bingo...