Thursday, August 3, 2017

Creatures Great and Small

Hi There,

The "great" creature is, of course, Tyg.  The small?  A bit of a pest I think...but not sure what species it is.

That's some kind of caterpillar on the figgy pot.  Sitting on the patio before dinner last night we spotted a caterpillar on the fig pot twice.  Fletch flicked it off each time (I, of course, wouldn't touch it).  Now we will have to really, really thoroughly check that plant before it comes inside late September or October.

Yesterday was very muggy in the a.m., but we had some strong showers in the afternoon and by the time I got home I needed to put on a flannel shirt!  Woo-Hoo.  A pleasant evening.  Hoping for more of the same tonight.  It was really foggy this a.m.

Colin will be over for dinner tonight (stuffed portabella mushrooms) and, hopefully, a walk somewhere, weather permitting.

The downside of my work week is going smoothly...hoping your week is going well also.


  1. Tyg looks so protective, it's a shame he isn't protecting Figgy against pests! I can't tell for sure, but it might be a dagger moth caterpillar. If that's what it is, the black bristles can break off and sting (in your hand), and they eat leaves (often maples and oaks). I think you are wise not to touch it!

  2. Love the photo!

    I was always reluctant to bring plants into the house after they had spent the summer outside.

    It's been cooler here with some evening showers, and it's perfect for pleasant sleeping.

  3. I like caterpillars, but I'm very reluctant to touch them. There's some nasty ones out there!
    Tyg is very regal though.

  4. Oh I do hope that's the kind of caterpillar that turns into a butterfly! ...but Bonny's usually right about these things. Enjoy your evening with Colin!

  5. The downside of bringing pots in for the winter.....vermin!

  6. That's a scary looking caterpillar! Mmmm....stuffed mushrooms. You're making me hungry.

  7. mmmm, stuffed portabella mushrooms sounds delicious!! I would eat those. The humidity is supposed to leave today, let's hope this is true.

  8. Generally, I'm a fan of caterpillars . . . because butterflies and moths! That's an interesting one, for sure. :-)