Monday, September 4, 2017

Happy Labor Day!

Hello All!

Seems I took a few days away from the computer which was very, very nice.  I did read a few blogs on my phone and commented on one or two, but it's kind of a pain commenting using my phone.  What's been going on?

Friday I ended up with an unexpected (and very welcome) day off from work.  I didn't set an alarm, but was up by 7 and after coffee took a nice hour plus walk on the River Trail in Oaks.  It was chilly!!  My phone had registered 48 when I got up and when I walked I could have used a headband covering my ears and mitts on my hands.  Both ears and hands were stinging from the cold!  But it was a gorgeous day and it did warm up a bit (but not too much).  I managed to cast on for Nutkin my choice for the I Love Fall KAL Dee and I are hosting.  Let's face it, Dee is really hosting as I am doing ABSOLUTELY nothing!  (But I will be pulling together a give-away for it.)  More about Nutkin later......

The cool weather also got me in the mood for baking and cooking.  I made a batch of Tomato Jam for Colin and Mailing.  I also baked Tahini Cookies.  So good - a kind of shortbread cookie.  And, Fletch was hankering for a chocolate cake, so I made that too.

I also managed to get a lot of "chores" done - cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, etc.  At least it was good weather for all that - rainy and chilly both Saturday and Sunday.  I actually wore jeans and a flannel shirt, hand knit socks and a jacket on Saturday when I was out and about.  It felt great!

The shawl saw a little time:

It's coming along nicely and is such an easy pattern to memorize.  Really enjoying this one.

This morning I woke up to another gorgeous day.  By 8:15 I was on the River Trail again and walked for about an hour and a quarter (dodging puddles and mud slicks all along the way).  There were a few folks out and about, but not too many and it was just the perfect day for a walk.  I'm glad I got out early as it is warming up and is supposed to hit 80 later on.

Now, as far as Nutkin goes, it is no more!  And no pictures to prove it ever was!  I wasn't too keen on the cuff part, but figured I would give it a try.  No ribbing, but a folded over cuff.  I managed that ok...wasn't thrilled with it, but could live with it.  Last night I had done the first 7-8 rows of the pattern (it's a 10 row pattern repeat) and noticed that I had ENORMOUS ladders.  HA!  The pattern calls for the first (and last) stitch on each needle to be a purl stitch.  I've had issues with this in the past and I now realize that when the first stitch is a purl for some reason I can't tighten up the stitch to prevent ladders.  It looked pretty awful.  So the entire thing was ripped out.  I will cast on later today and start again.  I'll make a ribbed cuff that I prefer and I will not do the first stitch as a purl.  The rest of the pattern is fine and I like the way it looks.  Hopefully a nice picture of the new start for you by tomorrow or Wednesday.

This weekend also saw some reading.  I finished "The Summer Before the War" which was ok, but dragged a bit in places.  I'm a third of the way through another book - "The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend" which is very light reading, but ok.  A couple more books came through on Overdrive including "Magpie Murders" which I'm anxious to start, so I will hurry through Broken Wheel.

I'll leave you with a picture of Tyg from last Thursday night.  We had a fire in the pit and he climbed up the apple tree, then came down and stayed in the crotch of the tree for a little while.

Hope everyone is enjoying a lovely weekend.


  1. It sounds like you've made wonderful use of your time away from the computer! Even though you had to rip out Nutkin, you solved the problem and know what to do next. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos eventually; it's a beautiful pattern!

  2. TYg in the tree photos are just the best . I dont know many cats who climb. Naturally I love your blog header image!

  3. The shawl is lookin great. September 1 hit a we got a wave of nice cool weather. It's hot and humid today, but we're supposed to get some thunderstorms then back to nice cool autumn. It's been so nice having the windows open.

  4. I'm thinking about frogging back my sock to do a contrasting cuff/heel/toe. I'll think about it a little more before I do it.

    When I do Nutkin I'm doing just a ribbed cuff. I've heard the leg tends to twist with the edging in the pattern. I like ribbing better anyway.

    I can't believe how chilly it gets in the morning already. Sure wish WE could get some of that. It's still so hot and humid here.

  5. So glad you had a nice time away from the computer. We all need a break from it every now and again. Beautiful knitting.

  6. The shawl is so pretty in this pattern-nice work.
    That is the reason I set Nutkin aside-it just wasn't working out for me either! I'm so glad you got to have the morning walks-sounds lovely!

  7. Sounds like a lovely weekend - and even an extra day to enjoy!

    I love Tyg in the tree - he didn't want to be left out. :-)

  8. That short cold spell was lovely. Now the AC is back on and it is soooo humid. Nothing is drying out anymore now that the sun is so low. Nutkin scared me off too. I read the comments and thought it impossible. Kitty is the tree is too much! He is such a character...

  9. I enjoyed The Summer Before the War. Haven't read the other. I like your knitting -- very pretty!

  10. You were really busy! I am put to shame.

  11. Tyg looks comfy just hanging out with his besties at the fire pit.

    It's been HOT (mid 90s) here, quite unusual for September, so I've been sewing and not out walking like I should. I love your description of your walks.

  12. Hey there! finally catching up (yikes, nearly three weeks!) and glad to see all is well with you and yours. The shawl is working up beautifully and about the socks - well, I love Charade, I share that DPN/purl stitch thing so I never tried Nutkin (but I did knit Monkeys and think they were that way too?) Hope your weather has improved - our first bit of September has been glorious (the only good thing, I'm sure, to come from Harvey) and I hope Irma doesn't mess it up. Happy September!!

  13. I love getting up in the early morning, i get more done that way. It's raining here right now and I'll be staying inside and knitting, after I get the basic chores out of the way.