Thursday, September 14, 2017

Talbot Update

Good Morning,

Thank you all for the good wishes for Talbot.  He is not home yet...had to spend another night in the kitty hospital.  He still had not eaten anything yesterday and the vet gave him an appetite stimulant.  When Colin & Mailing visited him last night they brought food which he DID eat.  Yay!

The cone is off and Mailing is picking him up after work today  Colin promised to text an update once he is home.  Marcel will be so happy to see Talbot and, I'm sure, Talbot will feel much better at home.

No other news.  Not much knitting has been done (sadly).  Tuesday night I baked cookies and last night sort of got away from me.  By the time I picked up my knitting my eyes were tired.  Tonight I have a massage, but early - at 5:00, so maybe tonight I will be able to turn the heel on my Nutkin sock.

It is overcast and a little dreary out today, but looks like the sun is trying to poke through the clouds.  Rain is forecast for the afternoon and a high of 80 - all of this means humidity back in the picture.

Hope you all are having a good week.  We are almost at Friday!!


  1. Sorry--I missed the post on Talbot, but he has my best wishes for a full recovery (and that he keeps his illness to himself, for the better of everyone).

    It's so sad when pets are ill. And when they are off their food, you know something is up.

    We're also getting the tatters of Irma here in NEO: clouds, showers, and ugh! humidity with higher temps. Am I ever happy with the weather anymore?

  2. Good news about Talbot. His recovery will be faster at home.

    It's supposed to be rainy tomorrow. I have commitments in the morning, but maybe I'll be able to knit in the afternoon.

  3. Yay about Talbot! I'm glad he'll be able to go home and that he ate something. Please keep us posted, and when you see him, give him a pat from me.

    I haven't knit a stitch in two days - I've been so tired, I've barely made it through dinner! What's that about???

  4. The humidity is back here too thanks to Irma. No rain yet just uggy muggy weather.
    Glad to hear kitty is on the mend. It's so terrible when the furbabies aren't well.

  5. I'm glad for the good news and hope Talbot continues to improve. I didn't know there was such a thing as an appetite stimulant; do you think it's possible someone has slipped some into my food? That might be a new excuse for me to use. :-)

  6. Glad to hear Talbot is on the mend! Hope he improves even more when he gets back home - to his comfortable surroundings. XO

  7. Poor little soul, hope all is better very soon.