Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Finish (Well, a HO), Some Luxuries, Practicing and a Surprise!

Hello All,

A Tuesday Afternoon and it is back to HOT Phila. weather.  Whew.  Between Fires in the NW, Hurricanes in the Atlantic, Earthquakes in Mexico and weird weather EVERYWHERE, I'm thinking Mother Nature is one pissed off individual (and I can think of several reasons why).  Hoping everyone is safe and having a good week.

That's a pretty long title up there, so let's get with it.  Here is my finish (or in Dee's famous words, my HO):

That's one Nutkin finished and one started.  Yippee!!!  It's a crappy picture, but now that I've figured out how to knit this sock my way, I just love the pattern.  With 80 rows after the cuff and before the heel flap it's longer than I usually make socks and I really like that...I will continue to do that (provided boredom doesn't set in).  And, yes, I'm proud of myself.  I cast off the first sock yesterday morning and cast on the 2nd one last night.  No SSS here!

The luxuries and the practicing go together.  Sunday was Fletcher's birthday.  Some time ago I decided to take this Monday and Tuesday off.  Originally we were going to go away, but we couldn't come up with any place we really wanted to go (and spend money) - especially with leaving for vacation in just under 2 weeks.  So, a little luxury is having a couple of days off with no plans and I told Fletch that really I was practicing for retirement - LOL.  Happy to say that will be no problem (well, at the moment I still have a paycheck...retirement will make a huge difference, I know).

Since we were not away I cooked for the birthday boy.  I made angel hair pasta with mussels and shrimp and a big tossed salad.  So good.  And a pound cake - which fell apart when I took it out of the pan.  Not pretty, but pretty tasty just the same.  Good thing we were not having company.

Yesterday Fletch decided he wanted to go to Cabela's to see if there was anything (else) I could get him for his birthday.  We took back roads which included some detours due to road construction up to Hamburg, PA.  Fletch found a couple of small things and I found a fleece vest for only $17!  Not bad.  The ride was long, but nicer than highway driving (and we didn't have anything else to do anyway).

Today we had absolutely no plans.  I ended up going to a yarn shop in Kimberton called Purls of Wisdom.  I had been there once in the Spring, but didn't have much time and didn't buy anything.  What a lovely shop it is!  Well stocked and friendly people.  And, plenty of "come in and knit" times on different days of the week.  I did not buy myself ANYTHING!!  Shocking I know.  But I did purchase some things that will comprise my give-away for the I Love Fall KAL hosted by Dee and moi (mostly all by Dee, really).  So that is (for now) the surprise.  My question:  Do you want to see what I got for that?  Or should it remain a mystery/surprise?

One last little luxury - a shower at 3 p.m. today.  Normally I would be working.  What a treat to not have to wash my hair after dinner and then wait for it to dry (forever), or to get up early to shower before work.  Little things, I know...but they make me happy.

And, Leslie (my bestest friend for 50+ years) is calling tonight and we're booking our flights for Sisters' Weekend in October.  Life is good (despite the HOT weather).

What are you up to?


  1. You've got loads of good stuff here, and it looks like maybe Thurs/definitely by Friday the weather will improve as well. Your Nutkin is beautiful, and your practice retirement sounds like it's gone well. Enjoy your afternoon shower, friend phone call, travel planning, and short work week!

  2. Staycations are awesome. I'm here to tell you retirement is the best. You'll have no trouble adjusting. Your NUTKIN is awesome. Fall KAL has been a huge success already

  3. I vote for SURPRISE, but since I'm not eligible for prizes .....well, I suppose others should weigh heavier on the decision. LOL

    Looking forward to seeing your socks in person real soon! I'm SO excited to be coming up to catch a little bit of FALL for real!

    Have a wonderful evening and happy birthday ( a little late) to Fletch!

  4. I vote for a surprise! Staying home is wonderful to do all the kind of things you got to do this time! Every once and a while I like to go for a few days but I am mostly a homebody!
    Your Nutkin is delicious-nice work and keep going on that second one!

  5. Woo hoo for finished socks! And with the second one cast on already...wow!!! My knitting mojo is gone thanks to the hot weather. I am going to try to take my socks to bed tonight and see if I can muster up any enthusiasm to work on them while I have my nightly Netflix binge.

  6. Yep, keep the prize a surprise! I'm working on my second sock, too. I think I've found my sock mojo again.

    A nice cool day here (jacket weather) and clear blue sky: it was heavenly.

  7. happy birthday to Fletcher! Congrats to finishing one sock and beginning another. Staycations are the best because you can sleep in your own bed at the end of the day.

  8. I don't know what HO and SSS mean, but good for you all the same.

    This heat is killing me and my desire to knit, which has been dormant as it is. Where is Fall??