Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Just a Few More Pictures

Good Morning!

I couldn't resist showing just a couple more pictures from Grounds for Sculpture.  If you are anywhere near this beautiful place, don't hesitate - go!!

First up, here we (Mailing, me, Fletch) are peeking out from one of the tunnels we walked through:

And here is another one of my favorites.  Look at these characters!! 

Next to these creatures was:

A bubbling cauldron!  The title of these two together is:  "Has Anyone Seen Harry?"  With Fall upon us (it feels like it here), and Halloween around the corner, I couldn't resist showing these.

Finally heard from my brother in Miami who is safe.  Hot and without power, but safe which is what matters.  I have lots of co-workers all over FL, and everyone is ok, thank God.  What a beast of a storm Irma has been.  hopefully the rest of the Fall/Hurricane Season will be calm and peaceful.

Gotta get to work!  Have a good one.


  1. I'm glad your brother is safe and hope power can be restored soon. Thanks for more great photos. I really like the tunnels, and need to re-visit GfS soon!

  2. Another set of fun photos and sculptures! Have a wonderful day at work.

  3. I LOVE that cauldron. Wouldn't that be fun to have in your yard!

  4. Glad your friends and family are ok! Fun photo of you peeking out of the undergrowth!

  5. SO glad you hear your co workers are safe! Thats what matters!

  6. Glad everyone is safe. Except for Harry.

  7. I hope you are right! ONE hurricane a year is plenty.

    Love the boiling cauldron. It looks like that sculpture garden does NOT take itself too seriously!

  8. fun photos! I heard from my friend in orlando, safe and without power....I would be so grumpy!