Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday So Soon??

Hello All,

Here we are - already back at the beginning of a week.  Not sure how that happened so quickly.

Thank you all for your comments/concern about Tyg.  He is fine.  Turns out he has allergies!  Ever since we rescued him we've been aware of how he dislikes the heat.  Come the summer and the hot weather his lips get all red and sometimes puffy.  Well this year that hasn't happened as much, but he has been scratching more than normal (no fleas, thank goodness) and apparently has scratched himself raw!  The vet did give him all his shots which he was due for in August and we have prednisone to put in his wet food each morning and a medication to put on his scratchy areas which will reduce the itchiness.  He was pretty lethargic both Friday afternoon and Saturday (shots will do that), but by Sunday he was already noticeably improved.  He is not scratching as much and the areas he had been scratching are much, much improved.  He doesn't like the gel stuff we rub on him, but it's working!

The weekend was really nice.  Saturday was pretty grey, but we never got the forecast rain.  We did grocery shopping in the morning including checking out a new place called "Foodery" billed as having "Food and Beer From Around the World."  It was almost ALL beer and wine.  That is not necessarily a bad thing, but don't advertise food from around the world if you only have a few snacks and deli items.  But, at least now we know.  I walked by myself that afternoon for a little over an hour in Valley Forge Park.  It was so humid that I was dripping by the time I got back to the car.

Sunday was gorgeous.  I ran errands in the morning and walked again in Valley Forge for over an hour. 

A little knitting was done - not a lot, but some. 

I've turned the heel and am in the midst of decreasing gusset stitches on the 2nd sock.  The end is in sight!!

Today should be a relatively easy day and I'm looking forward to yoga tonight.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!


  1. Monday so soon? How about AUGUST so soon!!!

  2. Allergies are rough on our furry ones. Sorry !!! I love your yarn holder bowl. Go go go on that sock

  3. We spend about $130 a month on meds for the Maltese who is allergic to everything. Everyday I have to wash out her eyes and put ointment on her hot spots. Don't even get me going on the yeast issues. I hate summer.

  4. The store calling themselves Foodery made me laugh! I have often wished our liquor store carried more mixers and snacks, but at least their name reflects what they actually sell. I haven't been to Valley Forge since I was a kid, but if I remember it correctly, I bet it's a lovely place to walk. Only another month and maybe we'll be able to walk in less humid conditions!

  5. Oh, yes, you had to go to Foodery and at least do a recon mission. And, as you said, Now You Know.

    My huge marmie-mix Piper has hay fever, esp tree pollen. So does my husband. The two of them in June are exquisite in their misery.

    The late TravisCat--a tiger tabby like Tyg--was allergic to our Christmas tree. Every December was a trial for him. He'd sit in the dining room and sneeze over and over again. His record for one sitting was 19 in a row. Highly entertaining for everyone but him.

  6. Other than the humidity (which I cannot tolerate) your walks sound divine.

    Once past the gusset, socks literally fly off the needles. Happy knitting.

  7. wahoo for the heel turning and thank goodness it's just allergies but even that can be a big bother. ugh. I fear the humidity might be coming back!

  8. Some knitting is better than none! Glad Tyg is going ok.

  9. I'm glad to hear Tyg is starting to feel better and that it is nothing too serious.

    Mr. G. ate a rubber band this morning. We are keeping a close eye on him (so far, so good) and keeping an eye on his litter box. Hopefully, we'll see a rubber band SOONER rather than later.

  10. Hope Tyg continues to get better...poor kitty. I too have enjoyed the cool morning walks...soon to be a distant memory...heat's returning tomorrow, if not today!

  11. Snuggles to the kitty! Glad you are doing well with the walking!