Monday, July 3, 2017

A Lot of Food! And a Mishap For Fletch.....

Hi All,

Hope everyone is enjoying a long weekend (well, Colin & Mailing are both working today, but I am not!!).

Saturday was hot from the get-go.  Early in the day I got out our ice cream maker and made some lemon-lime sorbet.  So refreshing and tart!  I love it.

While that was churning away I looked out the window and saw Bambi!  Fletch had mentioned seeing a doe for a few mornings, but she comes into our yard around 9 or so when I am already at work.  Saturday she hung around for a little while:

She is so pretty.

Then it was time for me to run a few errands...needed to get to Verizon Wireless (idiots) and Produce Junction.  While I was gone Fletch decided to mow the front yard.  Unfortunately there was a nest of yellow jackets that he had not seen.  He got stung on his left hand a few times:

This was not the worst swelling.  It looked horrible.  As of this morning (48 hours later), the swelling has come down and he feels fine.  I think each time he gets stung his reaction is worse.  Next time I'll probably have to get him to the ER or something.

Later in the day I made a cold salad for dinner.  Marinated eggplant.  I had not made this for a couple of years. It is so good and refreshing on a hot, hot day.

We just had this and some cold chicken for dinner.

We did finally get some much needed thunderstorms around 5 p.m.  It really cooled things off and dropped the humidity immediately.

Saturday I devoted to my sampler and I am almost finished stitching Adam & Eve -- picture once they are finished.

Sunday I spent the day knitting on my endless shawl.  Good news!  I am finally on the last color in this gradient yarn:

I thought I was going to finish last night, but this morning realized I have sufficient yarn for one more 12 row section.  I forgot to bind off 7 stitches at the end of the last section, so there will be no "tooth" there, but I'm ok with that.  I didn't realize it until 4 rows after the fact and I wasn't about to tink all that!  Let's just say this is the way I am personalizing the shawl to make it my own - lol.

Meanwhile, I have some shrimp thawing and will cook them this a.m. for a cold shrimp dinner.  I've par-cooked some green beans and will make a salad with those, some tomatoes and a red onion from the garden.  I'm also making the ramen noodle & napa cabbage salad that Bonny posted last week.  I need to make that because the napa cabbage I bought on Saturday is HUGE and is taking up most of the bottom shelf in my frig!!

Colin is stopping by tonight for dinner and then we are going over to his garden to spread some grass clippings.  If it isn't too hot, we'll take a walk.

No plans for tomorrow.  Just knitting, stitching and (trying) to stay cool.  Hoping to have some knitting and stitching pictures the next time.


  1. Poor Fletch. His hand looks terrible. Hopefully he'll avoid those nasty beasts. Do you think maybe he should have an EpiPen, just in case?

    Hope you two have a wonderful 4th. We'll be going up on the roof of our parking garage to watch the fireworks. Hopefully the mosquitoes won't be too bad.

  2. Ugh, bees. The Unwelcome Surprise. Rick hit a patch of ground bees last year, and it was terrible. They are so nasty.

    I love cold salads for dinner in the summer. So light and refreshing...although Rick then slams down an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's later in the evening to compensate. Sigh.

  3. Ouch!!!!! That is really nasty looking. I haven't been stung for a long time but I remember the last time I was stung how painful it was and that was only one bee! A bee had somehow gotten into my pocket at work and when I stuck my hand in....wowie. I saw stars for hours.

  4. Wow, you have been busy! I hope you'll feel like sending some of that marinated eggplant to me, that looks yummy!

    I'm glad Fletch is doing better - YIKES!

  5. I think everyone deserves a four-day weekend!
    I hope Fletch's hand is less swollen. I believe that you have a stronger reaction each time you're stung.

  6. Yikes! I agree with Dee, an Epi pen would be a good thing to have on hand - just in case. . .

    Love the progress you've made on the shawl.

  7. Sounds like a great time ahead-well, except for the bee stings!
    The shawl is coming along beautifully!

  8. Yellow jackets are so nasty -- and always a surprise. Hope all is well and the swelling is down by now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend -- and stay cool! :-)

  9. my husband got nailed by three wasps on Saturday morning and on Sunday morning we went to urgent care the swelling was his foot ankle and going up the leg....they coined it a 'localized allergic reaction'. He was prescribed prednisone but they didn't give him an epipen...hmm.

    hope F feels better soon!

  10. Your doe is lovely and I hope you see hummingbirds at your feeder also! We have a family member whose yellow jacket stings led to an ER visit and he carries an epipen now; it might be worth mentioning the next time Fletch is at the dr. Stay cool, I hope you enjoy the cabbage salad and the rest of your weekend!

  11. AHHHH. Yes that reaction should be addressed in this nurse's gentle but forceful opinion. Those stings often end up in staph infections. Keep a sharp eye on it. WOw it swelled ! Yikes. Have a good 4th!

  12. So glad Fletch is recovering ok - yikes - that's scary! Otherwise your weekend sounds delicious - and looks most productive!!