Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weekending - Long Post and Picture Heavy!!

Hello All on this Beautiful Sunday Evening!

Wow, I got up this a.m. and it was in the 60's and no humidity whatsoever.  Where am I living?  This is not your typical July in the Phila. suburbs.  But, rest assured, the cicadas have been heard, and this coming week is forecast to be pretty warm.

Meanwhile, it has been a very nice weekend.  Yesterday afternoon Fletch and I drove up to Doylestown to go to the James Michener Museum.  It is so close that I can't believe we've never been there before.  It is heavy on PA impressionistic artists, but there are also some beautiful pieces of furniture, a sculpture garden and lots to see despite it's small size.

The first sculpture we saw approaching the entrance:

Cool, huh?  The sculpture garden is actually very small...more pavement and café type tables and chairs - but a nice place to hang out to read/knit/dream.

A desk I fell in love with:

One of my favorite paintings in the Museum, titled "Peace of Mind"

A painting in the stairway down to the bathrooms (cracked me up):

An amazing carved door - absolutely beautiful:

There was an exhibit about style and I would love this dress:

But, my most favorite place in the entire Museum is the Nakashima Reading Room.  I want this room in my house.  What a peaceful, beautiful space.  I can just imagine knitting, reading, stitching in this room. 

The Museum is only open till 5, so we quickly ducked back outside to the garden and Fletch snapped my my gradient shawl (and new shades)!

We ended up wandering around the Borough of Doylestown for a little while...stopping at a Starbucks so Fletch could have coffee.  Sitting outside there, we talked with several guys who were just hanging out and one of them told us he often goes to the Nakashima Reading Room and just stays there for an hour or two.  We wandered around - found an excellent book store and went in a few other shops.  Then we ended up at the Doylestown Brewery for dinner.  I had a veggie flatbread (roasted asparagus, red peppers and shitake mushrooms with mozzarella) and Fletch had a BBQ chicken sandwich with fries.  The Mojito was beyond good!

We were home before 8 and before the light rain came in.  It was such a gorgeous day - mild temps for July, a slight breeze.  It was beautiful having dinner outside.

Today was mostly filled with laundry and cleaning ('s got to be done you know).  I'm not sure how or why the 2 of us generate so much laundry and so much dirt in the house...

I also canned some candied jalapeno peppers (also known as Cowboy Candy).  Yum.

Typical for me, now that summer is here I have started craving Fall/comfort food.  So tonight I cooked a roast and some baby new potatoes.  Fletch picked the best part of dinner though:

Long, thin green beans.  Picked just a half hour before I steamed them.  They are really good raw (which I prefer).

So now it is the evening and things are winding down.  I want to knit a bit and just relax.  Thanks for sticking with this long winded post!  Your reward is a picture of His Highness...Tyg...sprawled on top of the fire pit watching for birds, mice, voles...whatever comes his way.  The plant in the fire pit is a catnip plant in a pot - easy to remove if we want to have a fire.

Here's to a great week ahead for everyone - enjoy!!


  1. I haven't been to the Michener Museum for several years, but I can see I'm due for a return visit! The Nakashima Reading Room is my favorite also. I always get excited when I see a piece of Nakashima furniture on Antiques Roadshow, but sadly, I think it's way out of my price range. Maybe we can knit together in the Reading Room some day! That is a great shawl and Fletch's beans look absolutely beautiful. It sounds like a great weekend and thanks for sharing all your photos!

  2. Oh Tyg ..... you are just so regal and handsome with your white tipped paws!!

    Have I ever told you that Doylestown is my most favorite place (even BETTER than New Hope). Know that big hill on 611 coming into town from the south? I had to drive up that in a stick shift Mustang without rolling back before my dad would let me get my license.

    I agree with you on that reading room. Wouldn't your mind just be totally at ease with all that simplicity????

    And that bird painting....... priceless (well, actually it probably IS priceless or at least way out of MY price range.) LOL

    Glad you had such a wonderful day. By the way ......You are ROCKIN' that shawl!!!!

  3. The photos of the museum displays make me wish I lived closer so I could see them in person - beautiful artwork.

    You look fabulous wearing the new shawl. I'm glad the temperatures cooperated and gave you a delightful and comfortable day for your outing.

  4. What lovely pix of your museum adventure. I want that room too. Any room actually that is as clear and clean as that one appears. You look great in the shawl! I haven't had a mojito in ages. Now you've got me craving one!

  5. Your gradient shawl is lovely as are you in that simple photo. THe initial sculpture looked like the cardiovascular system to me! Once a nurse....
    I love the room of tranquility. I loved the amazing wooden door.
    Fun Post Vera!

  6. I do enjoy that museum. Have you been to the lavender farm and/or the yarn store in Doylestown? I just learned of them recently, so ... ROAD TRIP!!

    Tyg is certainly posed for maximum effect in that photo. I guess if you've got it, flaunt it, right?

  7. That museum looks wonderful ... and I agree that reading room is a destination in itself (humm, though, I wonder how comfortable those chairs are ... could you bring a cushion? ;-) Love the garden bounty - what a treat! Happy Monday!!

  8. I love the desk and the carved door especially. Your shawl is so pretty. Your dinner sounds delicious and unique to me. Waving hi to sweet Tyg.

  9. Your shawl looks great! I love fresh green beans, too, and I often put up a few jars of them as a refrigerator pickle. I don't can, but they do nicely in a cold pickling process.

    That Tyg--what a Boss Lifestyle he leads!

  10. Nice road trip. I haven't been to a museum in a few years. I should visit one soon. Luv this post.

  11. Nice road trip. I haven't been to a museum in a few years. I should visit one soon. Luv this post.

  12. Sounds like you had a really nice afternoon. We canned cowboy candy for the first time last year and all our pepper plants are now dead from the torrential rains. We planted Italian green beans called Roma and they just popped, anxious to see if they survive this week's storms. Your shawl looks very nice!

  13. It is a wonderful museum. SOunds like it was a perfect day.

  14. Looks like a great visit-love to hang out in a museum!
    The catnip plants won't survive here, we've tried. it's not the weather-it is the cats , they rip it up and love it to death! Sheesh!

  15. hmm, I should go there! I love that reading room too. You guys look cute and it looks like you had fun! My husband and I love to do day trips and sleep in our own beds at night.

  16. What a wonderful weekend - and I too love the reading room. T'would be nice, indeed, to have in one's home. Your shawl is wonderful...I've yet to cast mine on...hopefully Sunday I'll start. Enjoy the weekend.