Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday Q&A

Hi All,

Welcome to Kathy B's weekly Q&A.  Why don't you join in the fun??

1. Do you remember a bad sunburn?  Too many bad ones as a teenager – I had no sense at all!


2.  What is the last game you played?  Gosh it’s been so long, I can’t remember.  Probably Scrabble.


3.  Do you have a statue in your house of any kind.  Nope, but we do have a head on one of our living room walls!


Now I want a gargoyle or two like Dee has!!

4. Have you seen the new needle that threads your safety line for lace?  No, but that has got to be GREAT!


5.  Why do they call them point protectors when they are really stitch protectors keeping your stitches from falling off?  They are both!  They keep those pesky stitches on, but they also prevent me from poking myself – lol


6.  What kind of knitting has dominated your summer knitting?  I thought it would be socks, but it appears to be shawls!


7.  Have you seen an ice cream truck this summer?  I think I passed one on the way home from work one day, but there seem to be fewer around this year.


8.  Cold summer salad preference:  Pasta? Bean? Fruit?  Oh gosh!  I love them all.  Fruit salad is so refreshing, but I love a good pasta salad with plenty of veggies in it.


9.  Your favorite summer sandals are made by . . .  I live in my Nike flip flops at home.  At work I have a few pairs of sandals I wear – nothing special – and some ballet flats.


10.  Do you have a favorite old photograph taken in the summer?  There’s one of me sitting on a rock by the lake in Vermont we went to each summer.  Not sure where that is.  I also love a photo I have in my kitchen of my parents sitting on a rock at Hawk Mountain (but that was probably taken in Spring or Fall).  I think I love rocks – lol.



  1. That wall face would scare me to death!!! Lol....

  2. I remember too many painful sunburns from my childhood - the kind that create massive blisters and radiate heat. The only thing that helped was vinegar.

    I love my Knit Picks interchangeable needles: they have the hole for threading life lines. I use lifelines a LOT in complicated knits with large stitch counts.

  3. I ♥ that face. That is pretty awesome!

  4. what fun! (and yeah, with you on the sunburns ... ugh, right?) I think your head is cool, as is your summer salad menu :-)

  5. I love reading reading your answers. Not sure if the face is old man winter ???

  6. Fun questions; fun answers! (We have too many visits from the ice cream truck in our neighborhood, unfortunately. Like . . . every day! And worst of all, they blast "Pop Goes the Weasel". Ugh.)