Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Unraveled Wednesday...Long Post!

Good Morning All,


Reality has hit this morning as I am back at work.  Every weekend should be a 4-day weekend.  I managed to get so much done!!


First though, thank you all for your notes about Fletch’s yellow jacket encounter.  I’m happy to report that all is back to normal (and has been for a couple of days).  All it took was some doses of benadryl…we don’t normally keep this in the house as neither of us use it…but it will be a staple in our medicine cabinet at home and in our camper from now on!


I did not accomplish as much reading as I had hoped…still slogging through “The Nix.”  Each time I pick it up and start reading I get extremely sleepy – lol.  But, I am almost finished it and hope to start on something a little more exciting for me shortly.


On the knitting and stitching front much was accomplished.  First up, my shawl is finished!!!  Woo-Hoo.  Before blocking:



Blocking (it did open up nicely):



Can’t get the entire thing in my phone camera frame.  It ended up being approximately 100” long and about 18” deep at the widest part.  I like it ok, but this is not a pattern I will knit again.  And, I’m not sure about gradient yarns.  I ended up being really bored with this.  The pattern is Elevations by Sharon Lex (free on Ravelry).  The pattern was designed specifically for Galiana Creations gradient yarn (645 yards – I did not use all of it) which is 100% superwash Blueface Leicester wool.   I bought the yarn back in the Spring at the Steel City Fiber Festival.


Since that is finished (and I didn’t feel like working on the socks I have in progress), I started my coziest memory blanket.  There was a bit of unraveling here as I started with one color, then changed my mind.  Then changed the number of stitches cast on, etc.  One square done.



Yikes!  These squares are quick, but they are small – only 3.25” square.  It will take a million to make a blanket!  The pattern I’m using called for 32 stitches cast on…I upped that to 48, but these are tiny!!  I’m also debating whether to make squares and then attach them…or pick up stitches from squares already knit to make more squares.  The individual squares would be much more portable, but that’s a lot of sewing together.  Picking up stitches from already knit squares is appealing until you have so many that it is a huge bulky mess.  Something for my brain to ponder a bit….


I also got a bit of stitching done on my sampler.  Adam and Eve have been created!



Fletch says (and I have to agree) that they look a bit like twin weight lifters – lol.  Since this picture was taken I worked a bit more on it and have some of the next dividing band complete.  Still a long, long way to go to finish this one.


Overall, the long weekend was wonderful.  We did not do anything special – just hung around at home.  I cooked a bunch (Bonny’s salad turned out GREAT – a new favorite).  Last night’s dinner was another simple one:  Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and a baguette toasted with olive oil and then topped with bruschetta.  YUM!



Colin and I took an hour walk Monday evening along the canal (canal on one side, Skippack Creek on the other).  We saw a group of 50+ geese making their way down the water:



And, almost stepped on this poor guy on our way back – it was getting dark!



Fireworks in our neck of the woods were late starting last night – not until after 9 p.m.  And, they seemed noisier and less impressive than in prior years…maybe I’m just getting old….


If you’ve stuck with me all the way through this long post – thank you!  Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Holiday!


  1. I love your shawl finish. I don't like getting bored but i like a lazy Maybe! I love your adam and even and your frog. Glad you didn't serve apples or this post would be a Creation copy!!!

  2. I've made a memory blanket (I called it my crackghan because it was so addictive.) I highly recommend pick up and knitting together as you go. with the sock yarn, it's still really portable and doesn't get bulky until you're nearing the end.

  3. LOL Adam and Eve will PUMP YOU UP!!!

    I'm knitting my squares 60 stitches (30/30) and I find the size a little more to my liking. I'm also knitting mine together. I can't imagine all that sewing up.

    I guess as it gets larger it won't be a travel project, but folded up it's still pretty easy to lug around.

  4. Relieved to hear Fletch is better.

    Your shawl looks wonderful. I purchased some gradient yarn but haven't determined what to knit yet.

    I got a chuckle at the goose "fleet" photo. I don't think I've seen such an organized group before.

  5. I had to laugh at Fletch's comment about Adam and Eve! I was also marvelling at their broad shoulders and developed quadriceps. Love the long goose convoy and the rest of your weekend. Enjoy a nice short work week!

  6. The shawl is beautiful-I love the colors! I know what you mean by boring but I'm glad you finished it and you will be , too!
    I knew Dee's squares were bigger-I use a co of 40 and it works for me so I can use up small leftovers!

  7. Hey - it's almost another weekend! Loved the peeks into this last one - good food, stitching, an FO! (I think it's beautiful) and time outside. Those are the best things about summer :-)

  8. Pretty shawl...and your dinner looks YUMMY!!!

  9. I've seen cozy memories blankets where the squares are different sizes. So most will be a small size, but scattered around will be some that take up the space of 4. Or etc. It looks really cool that way. There are also some that look more like plus signs or crosses that I like a lot. Anyway, good luck with it! I abandoned mine a while back. lol! Love your shawl -- gorgeous, and I love the colors! Great stitching too!