Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Felines

Hello all,


Last night we had some very heavy downpours which have brought us some relief from the high, high temps we have been having all week.  It is still very humid, but at least it is not in the 90’s!


Look at these two cuties:



Marcel on the top shelf and Talbot on the bottom.  They love to get in the upper cabinets in Colin & Mailing’s kitchen.  And, Marcel loves to bask in the sunlight:



He is quite the fluffy kitty!!


My best friend Leslie drove up from NC yesterday for a wedding this weekend, so she and I are getting together for dinner tonight.  We are going to check out a new (to me) Mexican place that is supposed to have some very creative and delicious Margaritas as well as “true” Mexican food (as opposed to Tex-Mex).  YUM!!


Other than that, no plans for the weekend other than the usual chores.  I’m hoping for plenty of time to knit, read and stitch.  Hoping you all have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. Your "cats in cupboards" is just great! The humidity here has made everything feel clammy, but maybe a good margarita, Mexican food, and fun with a friend will be a good remedy. Hopefully we're back to decent weather tomorrow; have a great weekend!

  2. Oh those kitties look so sweet! Does Tyg give you a thorough sniff when you return from their house?

    I hope you enjoy your outing with your friend. Especially the margaritas ... :-)

  3. Love the cat pictures. And the sunshine also loves Marcel.

  4. I've been thinking about having a margarita tonight myself!

  5. The cats are just adorable in the cabinets.
    It seems the time of year for visits. An old friend, anurse ,
    is visiting in a few minutes. THen over the weekend Zach's friends are coming up and staying over night to visit with him. As for my weekend: I see lots of guest towels piling up. I imagine laughing and loudness. I have 3 straight days of volunteering at the barn :) and I plan to knit! Too dah loo

  6. Cute kitties for sure. Do enjoy your reunion with your best friend and the new restaurant. Sounds like a wonderful evening. Have a grand weekend.

  7. It is 60 degrees here, way below normal! I can't even imagine heat at this moment.
    Love kitties in the cabinet! Two darling faces.

  8. Enjoy the dinner and drinks with your friend! A margarita sounds pretty tasty and refreshing right now.

  9. Love the pics of the kitties -- so cute!!! Hope you have fun at your dinner out!

  10. Love seeing the kitties!!!! Kitties in a cupboard . . . too cute.

    Have fun visiting (and eating) with your friend tonight!

  11. Have a good visit! love the kitty pics-I used to have an orange fluffy one..made me miss him all over again!

  12. That cats-in-the-cupboard photo really cracks me up - crazy animals for sure! Hope the break in the weather held and you're enjoying a wonderful weekend!