Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Feline on the Savannah

Hello Everyone,

Ahhhhh, the weekend is (almost) upon us.  I can't wait.  It will be a short day for me and I'm off Monday as well as Tuesday...and no plans whatsoever!  Perfect.

The other day Fletch was trimming the neighbor's hedge (which she only touches sporadically and then trims it at all different levels).  He had to stop after running into a hornet's nest, but left his ladder up.  Tyg likes to climb anything, and I was able to catch him as he was coming down the ladder - twisting in and out among the rungs.

And last night Colin caught him sprawled on the ground in front of the ladder:

I had another massage last night which was wonderful.  This is my third massage with Betty and each one has been different, but every time it feels exactly like what I need.  Perfection.  I have a lot of arthritis in my shoulders and spine, and this morning my back feels wonderful!

I'm hoping to get quite a bit of knitting, stitching and reading in this weekend, but am not setting any goals.  I'm just going to take it easy and relax.  Our neighborhood/township will be doing fireworks on Tuesday and we are able to view from both our front and back yards, so that should be nice.

Whatever you do, have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!


  1. Love your kitty-jungle-gym! Aren't massages The Best? Enjoy your lovely, long weekend. XO

  2. Tyg just had to see if the bushes were trimmed just right!!! You gotta get up on the ladder to do that!

    Have a happy vacation!

  3. It looks like Tyg appreciates the ladder so he can better survey his kingdom! Wishing you a really wonderful weekend, filled with whatever you want to do at the moment, for four delightful days!

  4. Talk about Ready For The Weekend! You really are.

    Always love the pictures of Tyg.

  5. Tyg is such a wonderful specimen of the feline variety.
    he reminds me a lot of our late Rocky. Rocky was very curious and I once found him on top of the basement door, which was swinging back and forth as he somehow managed to stay balanced on it. It took my a while to figure out how he got up there - but it was kitchen table to fridge (which was a big jump on its own) and fridge to door, which was not only a big jump, but a big jump to a little target. I think he was very grateful I'd come by when I did, because the door had swung too wide for him to get back to the fridge. He looked rather unsure how to get down.

    It's an extra long weekend for me too.. I'm off until Thursday. I plan to fill it with knitting, maybe some sewing, a photo shoot or two, some gardening, family time, cat time, and maybe a little baking.

  6. It's fun to see photos of Tyg.

    Enjoy your unplanned and relaxing weekend.

  7. Kitties and ladders-the perfect combo!! He's definitely staking out his claim on it...

  8. A massage sounds like a great way to start a holiday weekend; glad it's helping your arthritis, too. Love the cat's curiosity...
    Enjoy your holiday weekend.

  9. oh my - FOUR days with no goals?! ENJOY!!!

  10. Tyg is a very brave wildcat!

    Sounds like you'll have a good weekend. I don't know if we'll see any fireworks, but we're gonna try.


  11. Love seeing Tyg. So glad the massages are helping with your pain. I wish you a very nice fourth!!!

  12. I hope you are knitting oodles and oodles! My husband is off for a long weekend too and we are having a fun stay-cation :) after being on vacation!!

  13. What a climber that kitty is!!! I want to relax too. I have a book, a shawl to knit, and I'm emotionally tired. Off to the barn this morning so I get a good work out too.