Monday, June 19, 2017

Garden Stuff and Happy Mail

Good Morning All,

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  Ours was stinking HOT.  Oy!  The humidity was nasty.  Luckily by Sunday afternoon a bit of a breeze popped up for a little while.  Today strong thunderstorms are forecast for this afternoon with possible flash floods.  Hopefully yoga will still be a go tonight.

Saturday I took the car in for an oil change.  I was looking forward to "found time" in the waiting room, but as luck would have it, I was out of there in under 30 minutes!!  We had on and off-again showers all day, so in between the drops, I picked up wine, went to the library and did grocery shopping.  Nothing too exciting.

The mail, however, brought a lovely surprise from Kim who has more contests than anyone I know.  Look what was in my fun package:

Cute knitting girl socks, some darning needles (sorely needed) and a great little journal that will be perfect for knitting ideas, etc.  Thanks Kim!!  (Twiddle Mitt yarn in the background)

Father's Day ended up being so-so.  We met Colin & Mailing at a restaurant for brunch/lunch.  It's a place we've been to previously and enjoyed, but Fletch didn't like his meal and thought the restaurant was way too noisy.  As Colin said, "a failed Father's Day."  I think everyone was a bit addled by the heat and humidity.

I did manage to do a small amount of knitting and a little bit of stitching on the sampler I unearthed from the (large) WIP pile of stitching.  But no pictures of that.  Instead how about some garden produce?  First up the Hungarian Wax peppers are beginning to produce (onions in the background - both red and white).

Our red romaine lettuce is Out of Control!  It is so tall and despite the heat it has not gone to seed yet.  We can't eat it fast enough.

We also have Oak Leaf lettuce, Arugula and Butter Crunch Lettuce for salads.  All are producing really well.

And, for a pretty picture, here is the window box outside our kitchen window.  Fletch just picked up the petunias last week and they are gorgeous cascading over the box.  Love them!!

Hoping everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. Keep the humidity and heat please! It has been quite pleasant here with temps in the upper 70s and low 80s, but nearly 40 in the morning. I toss a shawl around my shoulders frequently as I settle in to read blogs and sip tea.

    Fresh garden produce? I doubt the gardens are producing anything here - too cool. I miss having a garden, but don't miss the work.

  2. Your garden produce looks great! So far we've only had radishes and spinach, but I was happy to spy a tomato blossom. I need to go pick some more spinach before it gets muddy in our afternoon thunderstorms. Enjoy your red romaine and beautiful window box (and hopefully less heat and humidity tomorrow)!

  3. Great garden! We've got the hot and humids too. I have a/c so I don't mind it too much (I keep my outdoor time to the evenings), but it just wreaks havoc on my roses until they get used to it. It literally melts their poor blooms. Chicago Peace was a mess the first day it hit.

  4. I'd love to be able to grow my own salad. That lettuce looks delicious!!!

    Sorry you are having such miserable weather. Hope the storms stay away from you.

  5. Your flowers are gorgeous. Picking fresh veggies out of your own garden is one of life's greatest pleasures. I sure miss it here in the woods but I do like the shade. It's been HOT here too. 105 heat index today. Yuck.

  6. I think you're having more summer in PA than we're having here! not that I need you to send us any more heat or humidity, but wow I wish you could share some of that red romaine!!

  7. So many kinds of lettuce! Sounds delicious! Nice time of year or gardeners!

  8. Looks like your garden is doing just wonderfully! Here's to a cool, calm week ahead. XO

  9. You are making me wish we planted lettuce!!! The humidity can get to us can't it? Sometimes i Wonder why I'm cranky and then I just admit its the humidity ...and I cave into the a/c

  10. We finally opened up windows today after over a week of having AC on. I was getting so tired of feeling closed up.

    Sounds like lots and lots of salads at your house!

  11. Beautiful window box and the peppers look so good. A fresh salad would be delightful in this heat!

  12. yay for being a winner :) If you went to the car place without anything to do, you would have been there for hours! and the people waiting with you in the waiting room would have annoyed you. That always happens to me. That is why I always have book with me. always. happy father's day!!