Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday Already??

Good Morning All,

Here we are at Monday morning again.  Where did the weekend go?  One thing for sure - the heat arrived - 90 in the shade on our patio yesterday afternoon.  More of the same today and tomorrow and then a cooling down.  According to my phone, Thursday will only be a high in the low 70's.

No progress pictures of knitting, though I did work some on the shawl and the sock.  I did, however, finally drag out some stitching to work on.  This is Mary Glover which was an SAL I participated in -- believe it was back in 2011!  I stopped working on this so close to the finish and I can't remember why (probably just got tired of it and moved on to something else).

There are just some spot motif things after I finish the rice stitch band.  I hope to get this finished in June (more likely July).  I stitched a small item on Saturday which I am going to make into a pincushion (you can see where I've pulled out a linen thread all around the design to mark where I will stitch backing fabric).

Can't get this one to turn around....

Fletch and Colin made it down to DE and picked up the desk.  We delivered it to Colin's Sunday morning.  Meals were easy over the weekend - we ordered out Chinese Friday, went to a Mexican restaurant on Saturday and yesterday had shrimp and pasta salad with lots of fresh veggies in it.

Tyg is not fond of the hot weather.  He stays in the shade (or in the house).  Yesterday he was lethargically rolling in the grass (practicing his yoga stretches):

And, to keep you cool, here is a picture of part of the water feature Fletch built at the edge of our patio.  Just hearing running water makes me feel cooler!

The spout is from bamboo that we have growing at the back edge of our woods.

I won't be at work tomorrow as I will be without a computer.  My computer gets shipped down to the home office in Charlotte today, they will transfer all my stuff to a new one and ship that to me Tuesday for delivery Wednesday.  Not much for me to do without a computer.  So, I scheduled my mammogram for tomorrow morning and the rest of the day should be found time for knitting/stitching/reading! 

Hoping everyone's week is off to a great start!


  1. Tyg looks completely relaxed even though his body is totally twisted.

    Stitching on linen? Well done! I struggle stitching on 18 count, but when my eyes were younger, I loved stitching on 22 count.

    Enjoy your day.

  2. I'm already not enjoying the heat and humidity, but I hope it's just a short heat wave. I love your lark and Tyg's approach to staying cool. I feel the same!

  3. You're so right about the sound of water . . . it does make you feel cooler, just listening to it! Here's to a nice day off. Enjoy your "found" time. :-)

  4. You have inspired me to haul out some cross stitch. Stay tuned. LOL

    Don't you just love the kitties when they are upside down? They look so silly. Giroux says, "HI!" to Tyg".

  5. Yes, the heat wave is here, too. Blech. We should all be like Tyg and try to relax/rest/sleep through it.

    Bravo on you revisiting your cross-stitch. I know my limitations, and that is not within them. Not even close. You may have my share.

  6. Tyg looks so comfy, I'm jealous!

  7. I love your sampler! All those colorful letters must have been fun.
    My kitties are feeling the heat wave too. They are glued down in the grass or on the deck and haven't moved all day.

  8. that little Lark motif is so pretty! (and ugh I hate it when blogger acts up, too). Tyg's stretch looks delightful - might need to try something like that myself!

  9. Tyg is cute as can be! Oh, to be that relaxed.
    I love your stitchery projects.

  10. Monday did seem to sneak up on us.
    We've got the hot humid yuckies too. The air is on in the house, but the main floor is still pretty warm. Rupert is lazy, just like Tyg - we barely saw him yesterday - he hung out on the cool tile under the futon all day.

  11. Cats usually end up on their feet no matter what! I love their answer to heat! Great water pool!

  12. Love the cat's approach to the heat...lucky you...a few extra days to chill, especially in this heat! Stay cool!

  13. pretty stitching, I should pull out mine. I tucked it away for the knitting mania that I do. Love your cat and your water feature looks lovely and cooling.