Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Unraveled Wednesday

Hello All,


Joining Kat et al once again for Unraveled Wednesday.  But, before we get into Wednesday, let me back up and say what a great day Tuesday was!


It started off with no work because ooopppsss, no computer.  I ended up having a “me” day.  I spent the early morning hours knitting and having coffee, then headed out for a mammogram (that was not the great part – lol – but I consider it a mandatory appointment each and every year).  I must say they are getting better at scheduling these things – almost no wait time for me!!  When I got home, Fletch and I ran out to do an errand.  On our way home we drove through Norristown which is not the nicest area.  We noticed tons of news vans – CNN, NBC, ABC, etc. and then remembered this is where the Bill Cosby trial is going on.  Lots of folks milling around the courthouse as well.


And then the afternoon…I had a pedicure (I can’t even remember the last time I had one) and then had my hair cut (just trimmed…nothing major).  A new thrift shop – more upscale – just opened next door to where I had my hair cut, so I peeked in there.  I didn’t end up buying anything, but saw lots of nice stuff – a lot of clothes from Loft, Michael Kors bags for $45, Coach bags around $35, etc.  They also had a lot of Vera Bradley bags and I thought one of those would make a great large knitting project bag.  And they were only $14 - $18!!  Everything was spotless and in perfect condition.  Many items still had original tags on them (i.e., Loft pants with a tag of $80 or $89 were selling for $12!!).


Later I sat on the patio with Fletch sipping wine.  We spotted our first hummingbird of the season – it was drinking from the feeder we have hanging on our clothesline.  And, perfect timing, new flowers have emerged.  First, our trumpet vine has started to bloom:



The hummingbirds love the trumpet flowers.


And our 7 Sisters Rose has started blooming as well.  This is a climbing/vine-like type of rose we have growing around the tree where our clothesline is attached.  Fletcher’s Mom gave us a cutting years and years ago from her yard, and her plant(s) came from the farm in the country where she grew up.  I love that we have a plant that was both Fletcher’s Mom’s and Grandmother’s.



After relaxing a bit I made wings for dinner – YUM! Carole  had posted about the wings she made over the weekend, so I tried that recipe.  Boy are they good!  And, there is plenty of the dry rub left.  We were thinking it would be particularly good on shrimp or fish.  I had also tried a recipe from the latest Bon Appetit for pickled beets and radishes – they were AWFUL.  Luckily I had asparagus to cook.


Let me tell you, I could handle having an extra day off each and every week.  It was wonderful.


So, on the unraveled side, there was no unraveling this week!  I did manage to get about 15 rows done on the shawl and I worked some on the cross stitch piece I shared the other day (Mary Glover).  I’m surprising myself having several projects going on.  In the past I have always been a one-project person, but now I find myself working on 3 different knitting projects (shawl, socks, twiddle mitt) and a cross stitch project.  And, I’m enjoying the variety!  Go figure.


I also finished “Rules of Civility” by Amor Towles which I loved.  Very different from “A Gentleman in Moscow,” but good - he writes so well.  I haven’t seen/heard of any other books by him…hoping another one comes out eventually.  And, I started another book and am about a quarter of the way through it.


Oh, my new computer did arrive (finally) around 10 a.m. this morning (I shouldn’t have come in at my normal time – I had nothing to do until my new machine was hooked up!).





  1. I had The Big Squeeze a couple weeks ago; it is a must-do every year for me, too. Our hospital now does 3-D imaging for the mammo, kinda like a CT scan. Nifty!

  2. Getting a day off because of a new computer sounds pretty nice! Too bad you had to go for your mammo, but still. Loved seeing your stitching in the last post. Very pretty! I enjoyed both Amor Towles books too. I read them in the order they came out, pretty much when they came out.

  3. My front yard hostas were my Mom's by way of my Grandmom. I need to pass some down to one of the kids to keep it going!

  4. Sounds like other than the "ritual squishing", your day was pretty perfect!

  5. Your Tuesday - even the mammogram (because self-care is important) - sounds wonderful. I smile about you working on more projects at once now and wonder if perhaps that has something to do with this blogging community. We are most definitely supportive, but perhaps also very enabling ;-)

  6. Wow, your Tuesday sounds just about perfect!

    I always say I should get 50% off on my mammogram, but they never seem to go for it ... ;-)

  7. I'd take your Tuesday every day of the week! What a treat. Enjoy your new sorry you had to resume a "day-job."

  8. What a treat for you! We all need a mental health day!!!!

  9. mammograms ugh. Glad you did your yearly duty then had a fun day overall.I've liked my new computer in spite of the learning curve.

  10. YOur day off sounded wonderful, busy but isn't it nice to get some of those things done and not have to do it on a Saturday? I am sure you will be back at that store it sounds great.