Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Weekend Wrap-Up

Hello All,


How is everyone?  I ended up feeling craptastic on Sunday – light-headed and nauseous…not sure what was up as it wasn’t really hot and humid.  In fact it was a lovely day with low humidity and temps in the 70’s.  I told Fletch I thought I had done too much cleaning – LOL.  Anyway, I ended up not sleeping Sunday night, so I stayed home yesterday.  The day was beautiful and finally by late afternoon I felt “normal” – whatever that is.  So I went to yoga!


But, backing up…Friday night I went out to the garden to pick lettuce for a salad.  Fletch had told me we had a volunteer pumpkin plant in one of the raised bed boxes.  He failed to say how BIG it had gotten:



On the way back, I couldn’t resist some shots of our Trumpet Vine which is magnificent this year.  The blooms are so beautiful and we are starting to see the hummingbirds appearing. 



There is a downside to these plants though.  Our backyard looks like a Trumpet Vine jungle sometimes.  I swear, Fletch will mow the lawn and the next day there are 6” shoots of Trumpet Vines ALL OVER the yard!!


Fletch had picked some broccoli from the garden, and here are our salads from Friday night.  (Mine is the one in the back – the brown stuff is actually balsamic vinegar.



Looking tasty, right?  Well, after I had a couple of bites, I looked down and saw a fairly large green worm in my bowl.  I’m proud of myself for not losing it (and my meal) completely.  And, thank God it was a full worm and not half (LOL).  But, I had to spit out what was in my mouth and couldn’t eat after that (hey – it’s a diet plan).  This has happened before, though I’ve actually cooked a worm or two when steaming broccoli.  Obviously, Fletch needs to do a better job of checking produce prior to bringing it inside.  This is also why I’m not really in favor of worm-attracting plants in the garden.


Saturday was spent running some errands and making cold salads (chicken salad and broccoli salad – made with store bought broccoli mind you) for dinner.  Sunday, before feeling crappy, I did make a peach Dutch pancake for breakfast.  These are so easy and so yummy!



And, I wrapped up Sunday by finishing the Mary Glover Sampler!



Not the best lighting - or setting (on my ironing board), but it is nice to have a WIP finished (especially one that was started in 2011!!).  Love the birds and stag at the bottom.


Meanwhile, this morning has been slightly crazy at work and I’ve got to get back at it.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.


PS  I love the saying on the sampler:  “Away from fools I’ll turn mine eyes nor with the scoffers go.  I would be walking with the wise that wiser I may grow.”  Scoffers cracks me up every time.


  1. Love the trumpet vine! At our old place, our neighbours had one and it took over the fence between our yards. unfortunately, it also hid a large amount of poison ivy... and I found out the hard way...

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better, but I have to say that seeing the worm would have put me over the edge ... even now I'm feeling a little bit queasy ...

    Your sampler looks really lovely! Stitching can be so relaxing, but I find that if I'm not really in the mood to do it, I shouldn't even try.

  3. Aside from feeling awful and the worm, the rest of your weekend sounds pretty good! I've never been able to grow a pumpkin that large even when I was trying, let alone from a volunteer. I'm totally with you on not growing broccoli - so many worms!

    Your sampler is wonderful! I love your stitching and the saying. Congratulations on finishing a wonderful piece!

  4. Yay for the sampler finish!!!
    I love fresh kale from the garden and am always looking for worms. I have found a few in my time and probably eaten as many!

  5. Love the sampler. Glad that you are feeling better. I would enjoy seeing the hummers on your trumpet vine.

  6. yuck. Id have gagged and not finished it . I can't do bugs in food. Yuck. Glad you told us the story..I'll be twice as watchful! my dad would say, "he won't eat much" if there was a bug in our food. I love your stitching work!!

  7. Ewwwwwwwwwwww on the worm ..........Well, like you said. At least it was a WHOLE worm. I hate shucking corn for the same reason. Worms! Ewwwwwwwwwwww!

    Glad you are feeling better.

  8. We totally need to bring back some of that 19th century language - Scoffers unite! I'm glad you're feeling better and wonder that you didn't blame Sunday's malaise on the worm?! I think that's probably got to be worth a dinner out! (or at least a homecooked meal with cleanup where all you offer is to recline comfortably on the sofa and offer encouragement)

  9. Unexpected protein would turn me off to salads for a bit.

  10. Now that worm wouldn't bother me at all! Pick him off and toss him! lol The sampler is a beautiful sampler! (I think the verse is a summary of Psalm 1:1; scoffers indeed!)

  11. Scoffers! Love it! Trumpet vine . . . one of the "banes" of my gardening experience. So lovely -- and so beloved by hummingbirds. But . . . ugh. It is not a well-behaved plant. (My neighbors have one. So I have hundreds.) I hope you're feeling better! XO

  12. Close call on the worm! Love those Dutch cakes, wish you hadn't mentioned them.